* XxxsaysomethingxxX - What is your opinion on Frozen I know you like but what do you feel when you watch it?

I feel like I can be myself I feel free! (no pun intended)

TwilightSky11 - I feel..... that the lesson here is don't get married to a guy you just met. :3 I also kind of feel... happy?

zinadou - I felt relaxed, serene, and happy when I saw it.

Mint_Girl04 - I felt like nothing mattered it was my life and I was free to do what I wanted to do.

Dolphinsrule0802 - I felt like Letting it Go! Letting it Go!

THGdivergentElsa7402 - I felt like this was one of the best animated movies ever! And my heart just feels....... happy! I'm such a FANGURL, lol!

cocobean456 - I feel jealous, sadly of Elsa's powers XD

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