Who loves Frozen?!

This is the Frozen Club, ("yay!!!") where we will talk about the movie.... (drum roll) FROZEN!!!!

Make sure to comment about how much you <3 Frozen, what you like about it, Jelsa, Frozen - related stories, ect. You can also talk about books you've read on Wattpad that is related to Frozen! I'll post every single comment that you make on here, (If you want it to be made into a chapter, that is, and only one comment per person!)

Also, I'll make a list of people who would like to be in the club! (Next chapter) If you want to be in the club, just give me a PM or comment saying that you want to be in it.

If you would like to comment on someone else's comment, you may do so. I will post it on the same chapter! If your comment is on a different topic, I'll make a new chapter for it!

Also, we do Frozen Club Adventures and Parody Chapters!

Frozen Club Adventures: (You don't know? Read the intro -_-)

Parody Chapters: Parody Chapters are chapters that are based on a specific song in Frozen. Anyone can post their parody of that song in that chapter, and I will post it!


Bai for now! Frozen forever! : ) : ) : )

(P.S. - You have to be a member if you want me to post your comments!)

(P.P.S. [Or is it P.S.S?] I own Frozen club. I was the first one to make it, so I am the original creator. I don't wanna be the mean person, but I'll start reporting.)


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