Ok, soooo... I have 2 more days on Wattpad until I go away for 3 weeks... so... I'LL TRY MY BEST TO FINISH THE FROZEN CLUB ADVENTURES CHAPTER - and I'll make another sign up sheet so when I come back, I can see who wants to be in the next one!!!

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I have an account on PicCollage, where you basically make... collages. Some of you might use it to make covers on Wattpad. My account there is also TwilightSky11, with the same profile pic as here. I've been making frozen and Jelsa collages if anyone wants to see!!! (And in one, Elsa in the background is looking at the COOKIE that JACK left for her, not HANS who is standing right in front of her!!!)

Oh, and remember in the 2nd Frozen Adventure Chapter, the part that said:

Hans: This is weird...

Elsa: For once, we agree on something.

Hans: :D

Elsa: Don't get any ideas.

Hans: D:

Remember that? Well, our fellow member Dolphinsrule0802, (has a PicCollage account, same as Wattpad) made a collage for that! Make sure to check it out, and thanks Dolphinsrule0802! :D


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