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Warning: Smut.

Lena woke up with Karas hand in hers and them face to face. She took in the beauty beside her while she still could.

It was only a few minutes later that Kara began to stir and Lena was finally able to look into the eyes that stole her breath every time.

"Morning." Lena whispered, wanting to keep the warm and domestic thing they had going for a little longer.

Kara bit back a moan at how Lena's voice sounded and instead replied, "Morning." And before registering what she was doing leaned over to Lena's side of her bed and kissed Lena.

When she pulled back her eyes went wide, "Lena, I'm so sorry. I'm all about consent and you don't even like me like that. I'm so sorry I promise-"

"Kara, shut up please and do it again." Lena watched as Karas eyes looked down at her lips and then back at her eyes, Lena gave a short nod and the blonde crashed their lips together.

One of Karas hands went to Lena's neck and the other went to her waist pulling her on top of the superhero.

Lena was now straddling Kara and opened her mouth to let Kara have access even before she could ask for it.

The blondes tongue slid over hers and they both moaned as they fought for dominance, Lena won and when she did she brought Karas hands down to her ass and Kara automatically squeezed, making Lena give out a low moan.

The CEO leaned back making Kara groan in frustration before she saw the brunette take off her borrowed sweatshirt, at the sight of Lena's breasts Karas mouth watered.

Lena brought Karas mouth to her own once again and the hero's hands slid up until she cupped perfect breasts. Her thumb brushed over Lena's nipples slightly and Lena growled, pulling back from the kiss to look into Karas eyes, "I need you. Right now. Right here."

Kara smirked, "How much do you really need me though? How much do you want me?"

Lena reached up and brought one of Karas hands down her body and below her borrowed shorts until Karas hand was cupping her centre, she was soaked and Kara had to bite back the moan threatening to escape loud and clear from her throat.

"I'd say pretty fucking badly." This time Kara didn't try to bite back the moan and when she saw Lena smirk at the sound she started moving her fingers, rubbing Lena's clit.

"Oh fuuuu-" The rest of Lena's sentence was cut off when Kara entered her with one finger then two, palm rubbing against her clit.

Her arms were about to buckle and Kara must have sensed that because in seconds she was on her back and Kara was ripping the shorts off her body, "I really need to fucking taste you." Lena moaned when Kara removed her fingers and focused again on her clit, how could she have known Kara was a dirty talker.

"Kara, please I need to down there."

"Down where? You need to ask for what you want." Lena huffed she wasn't going to give in that easily but then Kara rubbed her clit faster and harder making her back arch off the bed and a silent scream come out her mouth.

Kara slowed her hand down, "Are you going to tell me what you want?" Kara husked as she positioned herself between Lena's legs and began kissing her way down her thigh.

"I need you to- oh my god Kara!" Lena's beg was interrupted by Kara replacing her fingers with her tongue and using her super speed to turn her tongue into vibration mode, she entered Lena with two fingers again going at a steady pace until Lena was arching off the bed again, "Kara I'm going to-"

Kara brought her tongue away from Lena's clit but sped her fingers up, "Oh no, you don't get to cum until I say you do." With that Kara brought her tongue back to Lena's clit and vibrated it again.

"Kara! Please! I really need to." Lena begged, her back arching as tight as a bow. 

After five more minutes of torturing the CEO later, Kara finally spoke again, "alright, you've been a good girl now you can cum."

She sped her fingers up some more brushing them against Lena's spot and pressed her thumb into her clit while quickly going up Lena's body to suck on her neck and that's when Lena let go.

She clawed at Karas back which didn't leave marks, much to her disappointment, and came with a series of high but short moans. When she came down from her high Kara slipped her fingers out and brought them to her mouth, sucking the juices off of them, moaning at the taste.

While she was distracted Lena pulled her shirt over her head and began kissing down Karas neck and chest, the hero released her fingers from her mouth instead focusing on the feeling of Lena's mouth on her skin and tangled her fingers in Lena's hair.

The Luthor pushed off Karas sweatpants and pulled Karas hips until she got the message. Lena lay on her back as Kara moved to straddle her face. As soon as Karas centre was in line with her mouth she dove straight in.

Kara grabbed onto to the headboard for support as Lena's tongue made contact with her clit and pressed hard, when Lena began to suck on her clit hard Kara grabbed on harder causing the head board to break under her strength, she heard Lena growl. "That's so fucking hot." Lena mumbled into her causing vibration to hit her clit and she moaned loudly.

"I won't last much longer Lena, fuck!"

"You've been a good girl Kara, cum whenever you'd like just, don't hold back I want to hear you and keep looking at me, I want to see you too."

Lena sped her tongue up and entered Kara with three fingers roughly going as fast as she could and Kara came, loud and hard, not holding anything back just as Lena had asked.

Lena took a few moments to look at the magnificent sight before her, this beautiful woman was on top of her, with the most beautiful face while cuming, life couldn't get any better.

And that's when Lena's alarm went off to wake her up and she woke up with Karas arms wrapped around her, her head in Karas neck and it was then she realised it was all a dream.

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