Two heartbeats

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"Hey wake up." Lena shook the kryptonian lightly.

"Kara. Wake up come on." Kara reached out blindly and pulled Lena back down to cuddle with her.

Lena started laughing, "Come on Kara we slept all day again. We can stay in bed all day if you want and watch Netflix but you have to get something to eat and we're going out a walk tonight with Maggie and Alex."

Kara huffed at the thought of getting out of bed when Lena was here and pulled her closer.

"Kara, come on." Lena tried to escape to hero's grasp but only made it so Kara's head was on her stomach, her sweatshirt lifted slightly.

"Kara, come on. I don't want you to see my stomach, please." Kara looked up at her as she heard the end of Lenas sentence.

She looked down at Lenas stomach and then back up at kryptonite green eyes, "You're beautiful Lena, absolutely beautiful." She leant forward and pressed soft kisses to the scars on Lenas stomach.

"You really know how to make a girl feel loved don't you Zor-El?"

"One of my perks."

"Certainly is. Now come on let's go get breakfast."

They made pancakes and brought them back to bed where they turned on Netflix and then Once Upon A Time, it took some convincing on Lenas part but she won.

It was six pm before they realized it and they headed out to meet Alex and Maggie.

Once they met the other pair they started to walk towards the parks, enjoying the noise of the streets and the darkness that had begun to settle since they left.

They walked for about an hour before Kara stiffened and stopped all of a sudden, "Kara, I know that look. What is it? What's wrong?"

"Someone's here and they're not friendly." As the blonde had just finished her sentence armed men and woman leapt out from behind trees and cars.

Kara got half of them out before she heard Lena scream her name and then something hit the top of her shoulder.

She could feel it, the kryptonite making its way through her blood stream, she fell to the ground and that's when she looked over and saw Lena on the ground, blood covering her clothes.

"Lena." She chocked out and the brunette turned to her and held out her hand, Kara took it with out a second thought, "It's okay. I'm okay. I couldn't let it hit you I'm sorry, I just couldn't lose you too."

There was tears running down both of their faces. Neither noticed that ambulances had arrived or that they were on their way to the hospital.

They were only focused on each other, making sure their hands stayed linked. They just made it to the hospital when Lena fell unconscious. They got to a room quick as possible and Kara passed out from the blood loss.

Alex and Maggie watched from outside the room as doctors and nurses worked on the blonde and brunette.

It took five minutes for Kara to come back to and when she did she heard the sound of a heart rate monitor crash, she hoped to Rao it was her own. She looked over and saw it was Lenas, immediately trying to lift herself up and move the doctors out of the way.

"No! Lena! Please, not you! I've lost nearly everyone in my life I can't lose you! You can't leave!" She tried to get up but she was pulled back down by Alex. Telling her to stay where she was and listen for Lenas heart beat.

Twenty seconds later she heard it, the beat that she knows so well and she looked over to see Lena gasping for breath.

She grabbed Lenas hand again and the brunette turned her head, "I'd never leave you."

The doctors took the pair for surgery. It was hours before the doctor came to the waiting room. Eliza had arrived in the time and was comforting Alex and Maggie.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Grey, Lexie Grey. I'm Miss Danvers and Miss Luthors Doctor. They are out of surgery and in their room. You can go and sit with them if you'd like but they are asleep." The doctor introduced herself before leading the trio to the room, opening the door and leaving again.

They all sat on the three chairs at the bottom of the beds listening to the heartbeats, waiting for the pair to wake up.

"How could I not have stopped them? If I had done something they wouldn't be here right now. I should have done something." Alex chocked out before bursting into tears.

"Hey there's nothing you could do, you didn't have any weapons on you it's not your fault Alex." Maggie consoled her girlfriend as Eliza walked over to the beds.

She took both girls free hands in her own and looked at Lena, "Thank you for protecting Kara, I know you love her but please never do that again, you're way too important to all of us."

Once Eliza had finished her sentence they all heard two of the heart rate monitors increase and then decrease.

"At least we know they can hear us. They'll be okay. You'll be okay." She leant down and kisses each girls head before going back to her chair and pulling Alex into a hug.

They fell asleep to the sound of two heart rates beating in sync and to the view of two hands connected between the beds.

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