Two broken hearts make a whole.

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Authors note: Hi everyone I am so sorry for how long I didn't update but I am back now, so please enjoy (maybe-insert evil laugh here-)

Lena woke up with a jolt, she looked around the room noticing Maggie, Alex and Eliza asleep on the three chairs across from her bed, she looked to her left and felt herself let out a breath when she saw Kara laying there asleep.

She took Karas hand in her own and squeezed, "Kara, darling wake up." Kara sat up suddenly in the bed, looking around frantically only calming down when she saw the brunette looking back at her, "Lena, your safe thank rao."

Lena noticed the heros eyes begin to tear up, "Oh, Kara, come here darling," Lena scooted over and patted the space beside her, she watched as Kara slid in beside her.

"Honey what's wrong?" She asked while pulling Kara into her, "I just don't want to lose you, what you did was stupid, brave but so so stupid," she looked into Lenas eyes, "please, I'm begging you, don't ever do that again."

Lena brought her hand to Kara cheek and moved until their faces were so close she could feel Karas breath on her lips, "I won't let you die, I won't promise that, you mean everything to me."

Before Kara could respond Lena closed the gap and kissed her, it all felt like fireworks and like it took way longer than it should have.

When they pulled away Kara let out a slight chuckle and Lena looked at her quizzically, "What is it?" Kara just smirked, "I get Maggies hat now."

"Well it's about damn time Danvers." Lena spoke softly, "I think we should wake them up."

"I think we should."

Kara snuggled up to Lena and leant over to her bed and grabbed a pillow, "This should wake them up,or well it should wake Alex up at least." And just before Lena could question her actions further she watched as Kara threw the pillow straight at Alexs face and watched as the agent jumped to her feet before noticing the two.

"Yano Kar, for a minute there I thought I missed you but I'm seriously starting to doubt it now."

Alex turned around and gently shook both Maggie and Eliza awake, "Just be glad for the gentle wake up call, I got assaulted as my wake up call." She glanced back to where Lena and Kara had sat up slightly in the same bed.

Maggie and Eliza jumped up from their chairs, "You're awake!" They both rushed over to the pair.

"How do you feel?" Eliza grabbed both girls hands in hers with a worried look in her eyes. Lena smiled slightly, "I still feel a bit sore but I think this dumbass with her dumbassery superhealing is all healed." She nudged Kara slightly, "Yeah I feel completely fine, I have a little ache in my head but I think that might go away soon."

Lena turned to her, "It's called a headache dear it will go away soon." Maggie gave them both a hug, "I'll go get the doctor and see if you can both go home."

It only took a few minutes for Maggie to come back with the doctor, "Miss Luthor, Miss Danvers, I'm Dr Lexi Grey, I'm both of your doctor, How are we feeling?"

Lexi walked over to the bed they were in, it didn't take long for Lexi to discharge Kara but not without questioning how she had recovered so quickly, unfortunately Lena had to be kept in for a few more days because her injuries were more severe but she promised Kara she would be okay and make Kara promise to come and see her every chance she could and the blonde kept her promise for the first few days and then Lena starting to notice her coming less and less and when she did get a visit from Kara it was only brief and it didn't seem the same, there was no forehead kisses to say goodbye, there was no love yous as she rushed out the door to go to an interview, it felt the way it did when they first met, it felt like they were strangers.

It had been four weeks since Lena had been kept in hospital, she looked at the clock above the door of her room, "She's late..." she felt her heart drop a little, Kara may have been distant for the last few weeks but she had never been late, she picked up her phone and just as she was about to call Kara she got a text from the woman herself.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me Danvers." Lena looked at the text for what felt like forever hoping that it would change from, "Hi Lena, can't make it tonight but will try to be there tomorrow." Lena felt her heart drop further when she took in the fact there was no emojis or a million 'x's, she felt herself getting worried and decided the best thing to do was to just call her.

Before Lena could stop herself she had pressed the little facetime icon and clicked on Karas name.

The phone only rang twice before the hero answered the call, Lena quickly sat up straight and waited for the line to connect, as it did she saw Kara face pop into the screen, "Hey Lena, what's up?"

The brunette could feel her heart sink further, this wasn't how Kara normally spoke to her, not unless something was wrong, "Nothing, I just wanted to check everything was okay, so is it?"

Kara took a second to answer, she put her phone on her bedside table so Lena could see her standing in her room, "Yes! Everything's perfect but I do have a favour to ask."

Lena felt like there was more to it but decided not to push, "Sure Kara, what's the favour?"

Kara disappeared for a minute before coming back into view holding up two dresses, one blue and one black, "What one would look best on me?"

Lena smiled, this was the Kara she knew, the Kara that didn't know how to dress in anything other than trousers and a button up, she looked at the dresses for a minute, she knew blue was Karas colour but the way that the black made her eyes shine brighter than she thought possible made her want to see her in that one more.

"The black one, it makes your eyes pop." Lena smiled as she watched Kara super speed into the dress and matching black heels, she hadn't noticed that Kara had makeup on or that her hair was done, "Hey Kara?"

The super stopped what she was doing and looked at the camera, "Yeah Lee?"

"Where are you going?"

She saw Karas face drop a little and already regretted asking the question, she watched as Kara forced a smile onto her face, "Oh I've got a date!"

Lena felt her heart break into the tiniest pieces...

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