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Lena woke up to the sound of her alarm and the light coming through her window. She felt good about herself that was until she tried to sit up and the hang over from the drinks last night started to kick in. She flung her arm over to her bedside table and slapped her alarm off, once the vibration from the contact of her hand and the table started the crawl up her arm she winced and pulled it back. She definitely wasn't going into work today.

Grabbing her phone she went into her emails and emailed everyone to cancel the little meetings she had planned today, taking one of her well deserved days off. After the emails were sent she got up slowly and headed to her closet to grab fresh pajamas and a towel, then headed towards her bathroom, planning to have a very long bath.

"What the hell was in those drinks." She mumbled under her breath while the water was running. Slipping her bra off she looks in the mirror, she didn't look too long before removing her pants as well. She stopped the water running and looked in the mirror a little longer, why did she have to do this to herself? Why did it feel like she had worked her entire life to be strong to only end up weak?

She let her fingers drift over the cuts on her arms, they were rigid yet still painful, she wiped the tear that had sprung from her eye and got in the bath. Trying to relax but it wasn't working, she couldn't relax not when she couldn't remember what happened halfway through never have I ever. She got out the bath and wrapped a towel around herself, walking out of the bathroom and into her bedroom she dried herself off and put the pajamas on, they weren't anything special, just something for her to relax in while watching tv and trying to sleep this off. She slipped into the shorts and a tank top, ripped the duvet off the bed and headed to the living room where she closed the curtains, turned on one lamp and grabbed the tv remote before flopping onto the couch and wrapping herself in the covers. Oh if Lillian could see her now, there was no doubt in the brunette's mind that she wouldn't let this go.

She turned on Netflix and put on her favorite show, Once Upon A Time, she began watching the show when she was bored one night and took a liking to it especially snow white, her mother, her real mother always used to read her that story it was her favorite long before she was adopted into the Luthors and she kept it throughout her years keeping it as a memory, a reminder, that she had a life before the one she had now.

Halfway through the third episode of the second season she heard a loud knock at the door and got up to answer it, leaving the duvet behind. She slowly pulled the door open a little enough to see who was behind it and she was met with pastel color and bright blue eyes, she slammed the door shut and suddenly became aware of her clothes and how her wounds were so out in the open and she had to cover them before letting Kara in.

"Lena? Are you okay?" Kara asked through the door. "I've been calling and texting for the past hour." Shit, Lena hadn't had her phone with her.

Lena started to panic, how was she going to do this? Because she knows if she doesn't say something to Kara she's just going to open the door, "Y-yes, just- just hold on a second" She was looking around frantically when she heard the door open and she sprinted for the couch and wrapped herself in the blanket, not the best idea because now her head hurt even more.

Kara closed the door softly and looked around the darkened room until she found the lamp and the human cacoon in the middle of the couch, she walked over slowly, "Are you okay?"

"Fine, just hungover. How are you not hungover?"

"I guess it gets out of my system faster." Kara shrugged.

"Makes sense." Lena looked up to where Kara had been standing through the conversation, "Please sit." She scootched over and pointed with her head to the spot next to her.

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