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In Need of a Date - Supercorp by attemptingtowrite07
In Need of a Date - Supercorpby attemptingtowrite07
Lena recieves a wedding invite from her ex, Jack Sphere. Not knowing what to do, she ignores the invitation until Sam brings up a week gap in her calendar. She didn't in...
Another World - Clexa/Supercorp by attemptingtowrite07
Another World - Clexa/Supercorpby attemptingtowrite07
Lena wanted to show her new L-Corp project to her best friend. She wanted to discover the multiverse. The machine wasn't ready for so many Earths and something went wron...
Back To Krypton by ChaoticSuper
Back To Kryptonby ChaoticSuper
In order to stop Lex's new plan, the team must travel back in time to before Krypton was destroyed to get the alien technology they need to stop his evil deeds.
One shots - Supercorp by raddy3
One shots - Supercorpby SuperRed
One shots all Supercorp related, some fluff, some drama and some smut. If you have any ideas or suggestion please do send me a message. Chapters : Powerless (mature) Red...
Midvale High by Mysterious_Writer03
Midvale Highby FanfictionWriter
Kara Danvers is 16 years old. So far, she has been living a 'normal' teenage life with her older sister, Alex. But soon, everything is about to change when she meets Len...
Candid // SuperCorp by xxCandidFangirlxx
Candid // SuperCorpby Mik
"Kara had to be careful around Lena and her eyes. Kara out of all people was all too familiar with the idea of how something could be someone's Kryptonite, but she...
The Thing About Us by writingforthegays
The Thing About Usby m
My love, take your time. Supercorp: slow burn.
Living History -Supercorp by attemptingtowrite07
Living History -Supercorpby attemptingtowrite07
Sequel to Fixing History Back on Earth after a year away how will Kara and Lena cope with getting back to life as it was before? Is it even possible? With more eyes on t...
Supercorp Live! by xernix
Supercorp Live!by ғʀᴀɴᴋ.ᴅᴀ.ᴛᴀɴᴋ
Based on the promt 'Lena gets drunk and gets picked up from a bar by Kara and then it happens again but this time supergirl picks her up and it ends up in the papers.' J...
Fandoms For Lyfe  by evilsroyalreign
Fandoms For Lyfe by a📍
Started out as a Supercorp/Sanvers and branched out into other fandoms ❤❤ maybe a couple one shots lmao 😁 Some other ships that I like, other characters and such from...
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Jump Then Fall - A SuperCorp Fanfic by Suhita4
Jump Then Fall - A SuperCorp Fanficby Suhita
{DISCONTINUED} Just a slowburn supercorp fanfiction that is sort of inspired by Tumblr. It's about how I think SuperCorp should be in season 3. You can send me feedback...
You Are My Kryptonite (Supercorp) by superluthorcorp
You Are My Kryptonite (Supercorp)by superluthorcorp
At first, Kara and Lena both keep their feelings hidden from each other, but it doesn't last long. Falling would be easy, but staying together would be difficult.
How Many Tears Are Enough? by xirusvx
How Many Tears Are Enough?by Neb
Kara lands herself a new job as caretaker for the Luthor's. She's to take care of their youngest daughter Lena, who's been forced to move back in with her mother after a...
You made a promise, but you didn't keep it by LesbianTales
You made a promise, but you didn't...by 🏳️‍🌈
Kara and Lena get in an argument, will they be able to get their relationship back to how it was? Or how they want it to be? It's fluff and angst, maybe smut in later ch...
Adventures & Tiny ones (supercorp baby)  by lesbiankarstein
Adventures & Tiny ones (supercorp...by Lulu
A fanfic I worked for Tumblr, now posting here. Kara finds out she's pregnant. Maggie and Alex are engaged. I don't own the characters Photos of cover are from Tumblr.
Lost, only to be found (Supergirl AU - Short Story) by VY_Anti_Hero
Lost, only to be found (Supergirl...by AlexTG
Just a story in which Kara Danvers has a long-lost daughter. During a battle as Supergirl, she leaves her toddler unattended, giving Cadmus the opportunity to hurt Kara...
Eight Gifts ~ A Supercorp Hanukkah AU by ValkyrieNineFic
Eight Gifts ~ A Supercorp Hanukkah...by ValkyrieNine Supercorp Fanfic
A Supercorp Hanukkah Story ~ Kara and Lena are madly in love and have been dating for a year. Kara invites Lena to her childhood home to celebrate Hanukkah with her fami...
It's a Super life by fuckingswen
It's a Super lifeby Ms Lance
|Concluída| E se Kara tivesse a oportunidade de voltar no tempo e contar para Lena o seu segredo, antes que Lex o fizesse? Fix-it do episódio 100 de Supergirl
Se não fôssemos Opostas by mcgrathever
Se não fôssemos Opostasby mcgrathever
Sempre que surgir em minha mente a hipótese de te entregar meu coração, com ela virá a lembrança de tudo que você fez quando teve ele nas mãos. Adaptação LENA Gp!¡
SuperCorp Oneshots by Dichory
SuperCorp Oneshotsby Dichory
A place to keep the little drabbles I write about Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. All these stories can be found on AO3 by Dichory, or on my SuperCorp tumblr @iwritesuperc...