My yellow sun

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"What you did was amazing Lena! You saved the world!" Kara said as herself and Lena walked into Lena's office.

Lena turned around suddenly with a cold look in her eyes making Kara stop in her tracks, "It wasn't amazing! It may have saved the world but me wanting the motherly attention that Rhea was offering is what lead me to doing that! If I hadn't have been so.. so.. so desperate for a mother figure the world wouldn't have had to go through that! I wouldn't have had to send the man you loved away!"

"You didn't send him away! Supergirl did, you saved the entire planet Lena!"

Lena looked down at the floor avoiding Kara's gaze.

"No, Supergirls hand was forced because I couldn't have been strong until she left. If I hadn't have let my guard down when you came into my life I wouldn't have caused the planet so much loss. Maybe I didn't do what Lex has but I'm just as bad as him Kara."

She looks back into Kara's eyes, watches as her expression softens.

"Lena, you are nothing like Lex," Kara moves to put a hand on Lena's shoulder but Lena moves out her reach "You have done nothing wrong in your entire life."

"I have. I've caused so much pain to a lot of people on this planet. Including you, the one person I never wanted to hurt. The one person that made me forget my last name, the one person that made me think that maybe just maybe I had a chance to be happy! But I couldn't even have that without hurting you."

Lena moved to sit on the couch, waiting for Kara to sit with her but when she doesn't Lena looks up to find Kara staring at her with an intense gaze.

"Did you ever think that maybe Mon-, I mean Mike wasn't my happy ending?! Or to even ask me how I was happy or sad when he left?!"

"No!," Lena stood up "No I didn't think to ask you because I saw you were sad! That's right Kara, I know about your other life! I've known since the day you saved me in that helicopter! I've been waiting for you to tell me but you haven't and I know you probably have a reason for not telling me and I respect that but I couldn't keep hiding it! Keep hiding that I knew! Or.. Or hiding that I care about you so deeply and you don't even realize it!"

Kara just looked at her stunned. Lena lifted up her hand wiping away the tears that formed. She looked down at the floor and then back up at Kara but when she did no one was there. Kara had left.

"Just like everyone else..." Lena slid to the floor tears coming out before she could stop them.

Meanwhile Kara was heading home, thinking about everything. Trying to figure out if she understood Lena right, tears coming out her eyes as well as she heard Lena's words.

*2 months later*

Lena and Kara hadn't seen each other since their fight, it was killing Kara not seeing Lena when she wanted to but she was scared, scared that Lena was still mad, that Lena didn't want to see her again or that Lena didn't feel the same as she had said all those months ago.

No one had seen Supergirl in while, maybe because Kara couldn't find the motivation or strength to get up or to go anywhere.

That's how she realized, a week after her argument with Lena, when she hadn't heard from her since, that's how she realized that it wasn't the sun that gave her strength, it wasn't Alex or the DEO that gave her motivation but it was Lena, Lena was her reason to fight, her reason to do good. Lena was her yellow sun.


2 months, 2 months without seeing Kara and without hearing from her. Lena had given up. Didn't leave the office much, she had put her walls back up, made them stronger, thicker, but she knew, she knew that if Kara had to come through that door she'd give in, her walls would come down.

For now the bottom of a whiskey bottle was enough, was enough to block everything out for a while, to let her feel nothing.

She wasn't just angry or sad or alone. She was all of them. Lena was angry at Kara for leaving. Lena was sad because the girl she liked, no loved had walked out of her life, she was alone because she let her walk out.

All these emotions and whiskey wasn't a good mix and she was beginning to figure that out as she picked up her phone and sent a text to Kara.


'You made a promise' *sent 21:38pm*


'But you didn't keep it' *sent 21:38pm*


'I love you Kara, that hasn't changed. I don't think it ever will' *sent 21:39pm.*

She waiting for the three grey dots.

Read *21:40pm*

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