I care for you Lena

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Warning: This chapter contains mentions of self-harm, if you don't think you be able to take it please do not read.

Alex makes an appearance in this Chapter and Maggie's name does while texting but no Maggie in person... yet.

"Oh. She really doesn't want to talk to me. That's... that's okay." Lena began to choke up as so many thoughts went through her mind.

They all came to a still when she heard a knock at her door, she looked up from her spot on the floor where she had started crying again.

She slowly got up and made her way to the door but before she could open it the door swung open and there was Kara.

She quickly wiped the tears away from her eyes and straightened her posture.

Kara spoke first, "hey."



"After two months all you can say is hey?!"

"What else do you want me to say Lena?!"

"I want you to explain Kara! Explain why you left that night! Explain why I haven't seen you or had a call from you or text from you or even seen Supergirl since then but most important I want you to explain why! Why it took a half drunken and sad text to get you to reach out to me." Lena's voice broke somewhere in the middle of the rant as she looked into Karas eyes.

Kara didn't say anything. She just looked at the ground avoiding Lena's eyes.

"Nothing? Seriously?" Lena choked out.

"I don't know what to say Lena."

"Anything Kara! Absolutely anything but 'hey' for gods sake!"

"I don't know okay! I don't know what I'm meant to say to you! Why don't you explain to me why you didn't stop to think that maybe Mike wasn't my happy ending or if I was sad or happy to see him leave?!"

"You want to know why?!"

"Yes! Please tell me why. Go for it!"

"I didn't ask because I was afraid of the answer! There you happy now?!" Lena screamed.

When Kara just kept looking at her Lena continued.

"I was scared that you weren't happy he was gone! That he was your happy ending and that you weren't going to try and move on because he was yours! Kara, he was yours and you always talked about how happy you guys were! You were always Mike this or Mike that! You never talked about anything else and when I changed the subject it always got back to him! I was scared that no matter what happened or if you were happy or sad that I wouldn't be as good as him! Because I won't! I'll never be good enough for you! And it's funny because you don't even realize it, you don't even realize that I want you and that I have ever since you walked into my office with Clark and when you got together with Mike I was happy for you. Not because you were with someone but because you were happy! I know you're Supergirl and everything Kara and what's surprising is that you never heard your apparent best friend cry herself to sleep every single fucking night because I can't have you!" Lena was full on cry by the end of it but she still managed to scream her side of the argument.

But again when Kara didn't say anything she continued.

"You know what I've had enough of this, I'm going home." She picked up her bag and phone and started walking towards the door.

But Kara stood in her way.

"Move Kara."


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