I love you

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Kara woke up with her head at a weird angle and sitting up she lifted her head realising she definitely shouldn't have slept at this angle, she then looked down at her lap and there she was, Lena Luthor, glasses askew on her face, hair falling out her bun and her hand linked with Kara's.

She squeezed the brunette hand, her eyes fluttered open, "Oh fuck, we shouldn't have slept like that last night but I have to admit." She looked up at Kara, "You are pretty comfortable." She winked at the hero before placing a kiss on the back of the hero's hand.

Kara blushed and glanced at the clock on her wall, "Rao, Lee we've slept until 1pm."

Lena sat up, not bothering to unlink their hands, "No we have not." She looked in the direction of the clock, "Well fuck, maybe we have." They looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

"You want something to eat Miss Zor-El?" Lena asked as she made her way to the kitchen.

'Well.... mark me down as turned on.' Kara thought to herself as she nodded sheepishly.

Lena came back over with a bowl of fruit salad and sat down before dropping an apple chunk into Kara's mouth.

They ate with small talk and laughing, they were just finishing the bowl when Lena had a thought, "How about we have a movie night? Not just us everyone? Alex, Maggie, James, Winn, Lucy?"

"That sounds like a great idea but how do you know Lucy? And how do you know I know her?"

Lena smiled sheepishly before taking the bowl back to the kitchen to wash it, "I knew her in college and we keep in contact, the last time she stayed at mine we found out we both knew you." She smiled as she sat back on the couch.

"Tattoo, tongue piercing, secret friends. Anymore secrets I should know?" Kara smirked.

"Not at the moment dear, why don't you ask everyone and then we can go out shopping for snacks and drinks, before you start I'm paying." Kara opened her mouth to speak but Lena just stuck out her tongue.


"Okay great. You do that and I'll go get changed, is it okay if I borrow some of your clothes because I have none here which reminds me that we need to go to mine for clothes and tell everyone to just wear something comfortable." Lena spoke as she walked slowly to Kara's room.

"Yeah, just throw something comfortable on the now Lee, we're only going shopping and then to yours anyway." She shouted through after finishing her text to the superfriends group chat.

Five minutes later Lena emerged in the L-Corp sweatpants Kara had stolen from her and a Midvale high sweatshirt with high tops, "You sure do like stealing my clothes Supergirl."

Kara just shrugged, "I know. I have to stop, you look too good in them." She winked as she got up and made her way to the room to change herself.

Lena sat on the couch on her phone, she got a notification saying she was added to a group chat by Alex.


Little Luthor: Yes it is I, your queen.

Damnvers: No wiser words have been spoken, Long live the queen.

Little Luthor: Are you all coming tonight?

Damnvers: Maggie and I are.

Young Schott: I am.

Little Lane: I would but I'm in Metropolis and can't get there without spending ALOT of money! :(

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