Tension, tattoos and teasing.

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Lenas alarm kept ringing until Kara started to stir, "Lee, turn that bloody thing off." She waited until Lena turned it off before pulling her back into a hug, Lena tensed at first and then melted into a hug.

Kara glanced over at the clock, "it's 6am, I have to get up but you can stay here until I come back." She unwrapped herself from the brunette before going to her drawers and removing sweatpants and a sports bra, "I'll be back." She said before walking into her bathroom.

Lena lay on the bed, thinking about the dream she had before her alarm interrupted it, she was interrupted again by the bathroom door opening and Kara strutting out in a sports bra and the sweatpants. Lena nearly chocked as Kara's abs and arms were in full show.

The CEO buried her head in the pillow before she heard what sounded like Kara grunting, she lifted her head slowly, looking in the hero's direction where she witnessed, what she thought, was the most erotic thing ever.

It was Kara, pastel colour wearing Kara, doing pull-ups using the bar on her door frame, her abs flexing each time she brought herself back up.

'Oh so this is how I die.' Lena thought to herself as she felt her whole body flood with warmth, her eyes stayed on Kara as she watched the blonde let go of the bar and go straight into push ups, the air nearly knocked straight out of Lenas lungs as she gasped for that little bit more.

The sound caused Kara to look up and smirk before pushing herself onto her feet, she strode over to Lena, "Mind joining me Miss Luthor?"

"Miss Danvers, I would certainly love it but I'm not the work out type." Lena replied with her own smirk.

"That might just change if I take lead in the work out, Miss Luthor." Kara rose from the spot on the bed she'd sat on and walked over to her drawers once again before turning back and throwing a outfit almost the exact same at Lena, "Might want to go get changed, you tend to get quite sweaty with this workout."

She watched as Lena rose from the bed and made her way to the bathroom, several minutes later Lena walked out in the same out fit as Kara.

"I thought you said you weren't the work out type?" Kara eyed Lenas figure.

Lena chuckled slightly, "I'm afraid I'm not, I just occasionally go to the gym." She raised a perfect eyebrow as she watched Kara rake her eyes across her body, she hid her arms out of sight.

Kara stepped forward and Lena looked up at her shame clear in her expression, "You have nothing to be afraid of Lena." She lifted one of Lenas arms and brought it up to her lips, "Rao you're beautiful." She breathed before placing a kiss on the scars before lifting the other arm and doing the same.

Lena flushed, "Come on Supergirl, let's get this work out going."

"Okay, we'll start with push ups, you do 10 and I'll mark you just in case you're rusty." The hero winked at the brunette. 'Shouldn't be a problem since you have a six pack.' Kara thought to herself.

"Smart ass." Lena mumbled as she got on the floor. She got to five before Kara joined her on the floor on her side, pushing Lena onto her side too, she hovered about Lena while she spoke, "I noticed your tattoo, purity suits you." Kara raised an eyebrow towards the end of her sentence.

Before Lena had the chance to second guess her decision, she pushed Kara onto her back and made a move to straddle her, once they had both settled she spoke, "I'm not as pure as one might think Miss Danvers."

Kara looked at their position before bringing her eyes to meet Lenas with a smirk on her face, "You being on top, huh, I never thought I'd see the day." She watched as Lena stuck her tongue out, noticing a blue and red ball in the center. "I never knew you had a tongue piercing, how did I not know that?"

Lena chuckles lightly before bringing both of Kara's hands to either side of her head, effectively pinning her to the floor, leaning down so there was mere centimeters between their faces she whispered, "Well Miss Danvers, having a tongue piercing helps when you're a lesbian and you didn't know because I've never used it on you." She leaned down and kissed Kara's cheek before getting up and going over to the pull-up bar while Kara collected herself.

The reporter collected herself before pushing herself up and walking over to Lena. "What do you want me to do now, Miss Luthor?" She held Lenas hips stopping her from pulling herself up again.

"Maybe you should start your pushups." She winked before Kara removed her hands from her hips and started her pushups.

They worked out until around 8:30am when Lena asked if Kara wanted to go a run instead, the blonde nodded and they both decided to just go out the way they were since it was hot out.

Lena needed some reassurance that it would be fine for her to just go out without a shirt on because of her arms.

Kara took her arms once again and looked her in the eyes, "I meant it Lena Luthor, you are beautiful and I will spend everyday proving that to you." She leant forward and kissed Lenas forehead before Lena nodded.

They got back around 11am, Kara hopped in a shower before Lena did, cooking them some breakfast as Lena showered.

They talked and laughed while eating. Getting completely lost in each other that they didn't even realize it was 1:30pm.

Lena looked at her watch, "Wow. It's 1:30 already. Do you want to do something or just watch movies and order take out?" She raised her eyebrow knowing what Kara's choice was going to be.

"Movies and take out. Definitely."

"I thought so. You go fix the couch and pick movies while I look at some take out places for later okay?" Kara nodded before kissing Lenas cheek and doing as instructed.

They watched four movies curled up on the couch, holding each other and laughing until Kara's stomach rumbled and they ordered food.

Once the food arrived Lena went to get the door and brought the food in. They paused the movies and ate.

"Hold still. I want to try and get this in your mouth." Lena said as she held up a fry.

Kara turned to face her and opened her mouth. Lena took the shot and missed making the fry hit Kara's nose, they burst out laughing and kept trying to get frys in each other's mouths for another half an hour. They eventually stopped when Kara ended up so close to Lena that when she missed Lenas head landed in her lap and they were both laughing so hard tears were coming out their eyes.

"Maybe we should stop. If we laugh any longer I might stop breathing." Lena chuckled towards the end of her sentence wiping tears from her eyes.

"That's probably best." Kara replied wiping tears of her own away. Once she did she looked down at Lena, head on her lap, hair in a messy bun, glasses on. Lena was always beautiful but when she was like this Kara couldn't help but think she looked, "perfect. Absolutely perfect." Kara spoke her thoughts out loud, the result was a smile so wide it showed Lenas dimples and a kiss to her palm before Lena got up and cleaned the mess.

When the CEO returned they cuddled back together, Karas arm laying draped over Lenas waist as the brunettes head was in her lap, covers covering her legs. It was all so peaceful, so domestic, so happy.

They fell asleep in the same position, to the sound of The Little Mermaid playing in the background and the feeling of love surrounding them.

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