Forever my anyone

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Lena's alarm went off at the usual time.

'"Ughhhh, why do I need to wake up at 6:00am?" Lena groaned turning her alarm off and sat up in bed.

She got up, got ready for work. Skipping over breakfast as she always did when she's had a tough time.

As she stepped out the elevator she watched as Jess' head turned as soon as she had one foot through the door, "Miss Luthor! Good morning! You're early!"

Lena took one look at the obviously exhausted girl and her face softened. She wasn't going to be a bitch boss anymore.


"Yes, Miss Luthor?"

"Come around your desk please"

Jess gave her a strange look and slowly made her way around the desk until she was in front of Lena.

"Yes, Miss Luthor?"

Lena chuckled, "Please Jess, call me Lena and how long have you been here?"

"Erm, since 4:30 Mis- Lena." Jess' eyes widened as she corrected her mistake.


"Well I have to organize everything and make sure your day is planned and nothing will clash while making sure you have time to breath" Jess responded with a shy smile.

Lena smiled brightly and pulled her in for a hug.

"Erm, Miss Luthor. We've never hugged before. I don't know what to do."

"It's okay Jess and remember it's Lena, I'm not just your boss I'd like to be your friend as well." Lena smiled shyly.

Jess smiled and hugged her back softly.

"Thank you Lena.. I guess I didn't know I needed a hug today."

"Well you must be tired so please take the week off."

"Lena I couldn't do that. There's so much to do." Jess gestured to all the work on her desk.

Lena glanced at the work piled on Jess' desk and a rush of guilt filled her. "Yes but I'll do it. Now go, go enjoy a week off."

Jess gave her another quick hug before shyly getting into the elevator.

Lena smiled brightly at how she was changing herself all over again.

She walked into her office, determined not to let anything break this good thing that was happening.

Then her phone began ringing. Once she looked at the caller ID, she said "well that lasted long" before answering.

"Miss Danvers, hi."

"Lena? Hi. Yeah hello. Erm are you free later?"

"Define later Miss Danvers?"


"Yes, I could get off work at 7 why?"

"Okay, I was wondering if you wanted to go to a bar tonight. To you know hang out."

"Okay but on one condition."

"Of course anything."

"Alex and Maggie come as well."

"Erm, okay? I think I'll be able to make that happen. We'll come get you at 7."

"Okay, goodbye Miss Danvers."

"Bye Lena."


'Alex, I asked Lena to come to a bar tonight like we said but she wants you and Maggie there, you think you could make it?' *sent 7:46am*

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