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Pen Your Pride

So...HI! I just came up with a new idea and was like "Might as well write it now!" To anyone who reads my other story and is reading this one, THANK YOU! To new readers, THANK YOU! Also, there will be swearing...and other er...stuff so if you're a little out? So...enough of my rambling and enjoy :)

Chapter 1:

"You're insecure, don't-"

"Pippa, change the station! You know-"

"How much I hate One Direction. I know Rosie." Pippa, my best friend, said, changing the station so we were listening to Katy Perry instead. She was driving me home from our high school graduation. Yup, I am officially out of high school! My Aunt Beth, whom I live with, couldn't attend. She told me this morning, but she then told me she had a surprise for me when I got home.

For my whole life, I've never met my mother or father. I was raised by my aunt. All she ever told me was at that time, my mother couldn't take care of me and was struggling at that time. I kept questioning her about my parents and I realized it was no use because Aunt Beth was as stubborn a...she was just stubborn.

"And they-"

"Aren't even that cute. The one wearing stripes just annoys me." Pippa finished. She knew me too well.

"I don't know why you like them." I muttered.

"Hey!" Pippa protested. "At least I'm not like obsessed!"

"You wouldn't be my best friend if you were obsessed." I said. Pippa laughed and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Tell me what the big surprise is when she's done with you! Then tomorrow we can go shopping!" Pippa said as she parked the car in front of my house.

"Thanks Pip!"

"No problem Rosie." She replied. I walked up to my house and unlocked the front door.

"I'm in the kitchen Rosie!" Aunt Beth called. I walked towards the kitchen and Aunt Beth just hung up her phone. She was sitting at the little breakfast table in the kitchen.

"Hey. What's the big surprise?" I asked, sitting down in front of her. I learned not to get too excited about Aunt Beth's surprises because she always exagerrated how exciting it would be. Aunt Beth told me for my tenth birthday that my gift was going to be a great surprise. I wanted a puppy, she gave me a stuffed dog. When I asked for cash, she gave me monopoly, the board game.

"Well, you know how you always asked about your parents..."

"I stopped asking a few years ago because you wouldn't tell me." I replied.

She chuckled. "Well, the surprise it...your mother wants you back." Okay, this was actually a really big surprise.

"Are you joking because this isn't funny." I said.

"No, she really wants you back."

I cracked. "WHY? She didn't want me so why now? Eighteen years later when I'm already an adult?" I asked. "No. I don't want to go to her. No Aunt Beth, I am staying right here with you."

"Rosemarie Elaine Poulston, you are to pack tonight and will move in with your mother tomorrow afternoon, do you understand?" I took on her last name, which was my mother's of course too, but Aunt Beth told me she was married. It was one of the little facts she told me.

"But Aunt Beth-"

"No buts. This is final Rosie. She even lives in town so you won't have to move away from me or your friends."

"So will I be able to see you?"

"Yes, honey, you will. I promise. Your mother instructed me to answer any questions you have about your family. Do you have any questions?"

"What's my mother's name?"

"Johanna, but everyone calls her Jay."

"Do I have any siblings?"

"Four younger half-sisters and a full brother."

"What are their names?" She sighed. Why? I had no clue.

"Daisy and Phoebe are the youngest and they are twins. Felicite is next but everyone calls her "Fizzy." Then there's Charlotte, but her nickname is "Lottie." Then your older brother is Louis." Ha, that was the name of that boy that wore stripes in One Direction that I didn't like the most. Well that was gonna be a problem. The only reason I even knew their names was because Pippa talked about them until I told her to shut up.

"What's their last name?"

She sighed again. "Don't freak Rosie. Okay?" I nodded slowly. "Their last name is Tomlinson."


So...what do you think? This is like...really short, but it's the first chapter! A picture of Rosemarie Elaine Poulston/Tomlinson is on the side. Uhh, vote, comment, fan me? Please? Well, I hope you keep reading!!!


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