Rin and Sesshomaru

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Rin bows and waits for his next command. But inside, she's a nervous wreck. So many thoughts went through her mind: "What does he think of me now? What does he want? Why am I even here? Oh no! He's mad that I'm interrupting him! That's it..oh..."

"Do not fret. I'm not mad at you."

Rin's mouth opens in shock. She stays bowed but grows more anxious.

"What?! Since when can he read minds!? Well, he is Lord Sesshomaru after all. Nothing should surprise me anymore."

"Rise. Come closer."

Rin takes a deep breath and obeys her Lord. Her heart beats louder with each step. It's been so long since she has seen him. She's been waiting for this moment for years. To talk to him. To see him. To simply be in his presence.

Her hands ball in anticipation. She looks down at the ground, avoiding his eyes before she arrives. Her feet carry her on their own will. Then they stop. She takes a breath before even allowing herself a peak.

She sees his bare feet first. Pale, pristine, perfect. Just as expected. Then, she looks up to about his torso. His robes look the same, almost shinier in quality. Finally she takes a deeper breath before looking at his face. Her shoulders relax and her hands unball. He wasn't even looking at her.

Sesshomaru's back was rested against the tree and he was looking to his left, towards the clouds that surround the floating island. Even from this profile, his face was god like: chiseled high cheekbones and sharp jawline, monolids caressing his golden eyes, his nose flat yet jagged and his lips pink, soft and feminine. His silver hair, as always, has no strand out of place and was tucked behind his pointed ear and cascading down his back. His bangs followed the breeze and his marks highlighted his cheeks.

He had his right leg up and the other folded beneath. He rested his hand on his right knee and his flute on the left knee and with his back slightly turned from Rin, his stance almost nearly resembles a yoga pose.

Rin let's out a breath. Though she was overthinking it before, now that she was in front him she felt just like she had when she was a kid. She felt that youthful strength return to her. Because of him, she cheated death twice. Was there anything he could not do?

This allows her to look him in the eyes when he finally turns towards her. Their eyes meet and his' flash before settling into a deeper amber hue.

"Rin. Adulthood suits you."

"Thank you, my Lord. It has been quite a while."

Sesshomaru closes his eyes and tilts his head. "Human years past in a blink of my eye." He opens them and looks at Rin. "Almost feels like yesterday that I-." He stops.

The air fills with silence for a few minutes.

"Your music was very beautiful." Rin pipes up.

"Yes, well..." Sesshomaru looks down at his Shakuhachi. "It gets boring around here. Might as well train myself in the arts."

"Oh? You play more?"

He does a gentle nod before reaching behind the tree and pulling out a shamisen. He begins playing it softly, plucking out beautiful tunes while Rin continues.

"Did you enjoy the festival, my lord?"

"What festival?"

"The festival in Gion. They were celebrating you, my lord."

"Is that where you were? Hm. Didn't go."

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