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"Stay here, Inuyasha." Kagome says.

"No! I want to go!"

"You're vulnerable right now! Besides, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I agree with Kagome. It's best for you to stay and watch Kohaku." Miroku chimes in. He pulls the cover over Kohaku as he falls back asleep.

"Watch Kohaku? Didn't you just say I was vulnerable? What am I supposed to do with him?! Besides, he's a grown man!"


"Ah!" Inuyasha face plants into the ground.

"Come on Miroku."

Kagome and Miroku leave as Inuyasha groans.

The moon is still bright as they walk back to Miroku's house. They remain quiet for most of the way. Miroku looks up at the moon before looking at Kagome.


"Yes?" She looks at him.

"Do you ever miss home?"

She sighs. "Yes. Not all the time but it comes in waves. I'll be fine and then suddenly..."

"I can't imagine. Even now I miss my little ones."

"What about...?"

"The monk? Yeah, but that's a little different. He passed on to another life. He served his duty here. I'm forever grateful to him."

"And your father?"

"Well..." Miroku shrugs. "My memories of him are blurry, but I was told he was just like me. My mother? Well, all I know is that she was the only one that told that perv yes." He sighs. "I wanted more for my children. The monk raised me well but it always felt as if something was missing. Sango is doing amazing and I don't want her to feel under appreciated. I'm just so busy bringing money in I just can't.."

Kagome puts a hand on his shoulder and smiles.

"You're doing the best you can, Miroku. You are a great father because you care."

"Thanks Kagome." Miroku smiles. "Enough about me. At least my family is with me. Yours are out of your reach."

Kagome sighs. "Yeah, but I have been talking to Granny Kaede and she says I may be able to use my powers to open the well."


"Yeah. She says it's safe since me and Inuyasha are the only ones that can travel back and forth. But it's up to the well at this point."

"Wow. I would love to see what the future looks like."

"It isn't much. Tall buildings, cars, pollution. It's pretty bad."

"What are cars?"

"Oh... never mind."

They arrive at Miroku's house. Both Kagome and Miroku stick their heads into the door. All the children were fast asleep.

"Where's Kirara?" Kagome asks.

"She's usually with-"


Before Miroku could scream, Sango covers his mouth with her free hand. The other is clutching a small sleeping Kirara.

Miroku stares at Sango wide eyed.

"You're not the only one whose skilled. I'm a retired demon slayer, remember?"

Sango removes her hand from Miroku and he takes a deep breath. Sango steps back away from the doorway closer to the woods as she motions Kagome and Miroku toward her. They follow obediently.

"I don't want to wake the kids up. What do you need Kirara for?"

"Rin has gone missing and-"

"What?!" She narrows her eyes at Miroku. "I thought you were keeping an eye on her."

Miroku smiles sheepishly and scratches the back of his head. "Yeah well, I was doing a fine job. I exorcised a clone of hers.."

Sango closes her eyes and pinches her forehead. "I can't even let you handle a simple task."

"Anyways, she's missing and we think Tōtōsai is involved." Kagome finishes.


"Yeah. That's why we need Kirara." Miroku chimes in.

Sango whips around and pulls a small dagger from her hip. She points the tip
against Miroku's Adam's apple. His eyes become wide and he raises his hands in defense.

"Since when do you carry a knife?!"
He says bewildered.

"Since I've had to take care of 6 kids that belong to an idiot of a husband! Listen here, I'm tired of your shenanigans. It's time that you carry your load. And-" She puts two fingers on Miroku's lips as he tries to lean in to kiss her. "Make-up sex isn't the quick fix either."

Sango pushes him away. He falls on the ground and looks up at her in shock.

"Kagome, I'm coming with you."

Sango rubs the back of Kirara's neck to wake her up. She sleepily looks up at her, meows, and jumps out of her arms before transforming.

"Okay.." Kagome says and gets on Kirara's back.

Soon, they all fly into the night sky. Miroku stays on the ground looking up as they go.

"She's so fucking sexy." He mutters before picking himself up and going into the house.

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