Kagome and Inuyasha

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Kagome began making her version of Instant Ramen for dinner that night. The Well doesn't open as often as it used to, and with high demands for the unhealthy delicacy, she had to figure out the recipe on her own.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha came into their hut, dragging a barrel behind him.

"Hey Inuyasha!" Kagome eyed the barrel suspiciously. "What..?"

"Another day helping Miroku with his demons."

"Mmm." Kagome nods, understanding. "I'm surprised, you never get your end of the deal."

"I know." Inuyasha throws the barrel in the corner of the hut before joining Kagome next to the fire. "He seems a little upset with Sango."

"Why?" Kagome takes her spoon and stirs the Ramen.

"Like I would know." Inuyasha moves to the nearest wall, leaning back and watching the fire.

They were silent for a while.



Kagome shifted uncomfortably. "We've been married for a long time now."

Inuyasha sat up, more alert. "Doesn't feel like it."

"Of course it doesn't for you, hanyō! But.."

"Spit it out Kagome."

"What's the rush?" Kagome's temper started to flare.

"You're dragging this out for no reason!"

"Ugh! Be patient then!"

Inuyasha let out a frustrated sigh and crosses his arms, looking away from her.

Kagome sighs and stops stirring. "I want kids."

Inuyasha's eyes widen in surprise and he looks at her. She looks at the ground, embarrassed.


"I've always wanted them, and.. I feel like.. well maybe.."

Inuyasha gets up and sits next to Kagome. She rests her head on his shoulder.

"I do want kids, but.."

Inuyasha stops, sniffing the air.

"What's wrong?" Kagome asks as he gets up.

"Get your bow and arrows. It's Rin. She's in trouble."

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