Greater than the Shikon

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Inuyasha crosses his arms. "When Kagome and I reached the hill and she was about to fire, his smell came into my nose." He sticks his tongue out, a disgusted look on his face. "It was extremely strong and slightly metallic. I didn't know where it came from at first, until I saw his whip come from Rin's fingers. I knew then. It's him."

Inuyasha looks at Rin and everyone follows suit. She leans back on her hands, surprised from all the attention.

"This isn't this the first time I smelled him. Every time I am near the meadow I smell traces of him."

"That means.." Kagome looks down. "He never really left."

"Rin did you know of this?" Miroku asks.

She looks at her lap, wringing her hands. "I've always felt his presence, but especially after my twelve birthday. That night he came and gave me this."

Rin reaches into her kimono and pulls out the crescent pendant necklace. The whole room collectively gasps.

"Rin.." Kagome covers her mouth.

"This is where his power is coming from. This is what the demon wanted."
Miroku reaches out to grasp the necklace but is shocked by electricity as soon as he touches it.


"Careful Miroku! We don't know what we are dealing with yet!" Myoga hops on to Rin's shoulder.

"What do you mean?" Rin asks.

"This necklace may be more powerful than the Shikon jewel ever was."

The whole room became silent. Everyone was well aware of the sorrow and pain the Shikon jewel brought to anyone that crossed its path.

"How Myoga?" Inuyasha asks, leaning closer.

"The Shikon Jewel gained it's power from the infinite duel between the Priestess and the demons. The source of the power had been ever changing between the forces of good and evil, and the jewel accepted all that were attracted to it's great power. But this.." Myoga motions to Rin's necklace. "This necklace was made with one specific purpose. To protect. The same person that wants to protect her is the source of the power. Sesshomaru."

"But how does that make it more powerful?" Miroku asks.

"The power comes directly from one source. And from the smell of it, it seems to be only one drop of his blood."

"Sesshomaru was never interested in the Shikon jewel when it existed. He knew his power exceeded the jewel far more than imagined." Miroku says, deep in thought.

"But why give some of his power to Rin? Doesn't that make him weaker?" Inuyasha asks.

"Sesshomaru cannot be weakened by physical limitations but that doesn't mean he has no weakness. Actually-"

"Rin.. your arm." Kagome whispers.

Rin looks down at her left sleeve. The kimono's fabric was ripped open to reveal no scar or evidence from the demon's poisonous cut. She rubs the area, her skin as smooth as if she's never been touched.


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