The Castle

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"Hmm?" Rin mutters as her eyes open.

The first thing she sees is the vaulted, rich mahogany ceiling that spans the entire room. Her brows furrow and her hands touch the silk sheets that surround her before rising from the bed.

"Ah!" Rin squints her eyes at the sunlight before turning to its source. To her right was a large floor to ceiling glass window. She gets up from the bed and walks closer to see the view.

"Wow." She breathes.

The room overlooks a waterfall and the view spans to the pool of water below. The waterfall lies between large formations of rocks on either of its side that held beautiful cherry blossom trees. She looks up and sees that she is in a cave, the walls surrounding her besides an opening for the waterfall and at the top. Lush vines interlocked over the top hole which allows a nice amount of sunlight with a hint of privacy.

"Where am I?" She whispers.

She looks behind her at the room. The humongous bed was slightly lifted off the floor and the silver silk pillows and sheets were thrown wildly across. The walls were minimally decorated with paintings on scroll like paper, each representing an aspect of the Inu Kingdom.

"This can't be..."

Rin turns and sees a picture of Sesshomaru on the opposite wall. She sighs.

"Of course it is."

She makes up the bed and explores the room a bit more.

"But why would it be Sesshomaru's room? He doesn't even sle-ow!"

Rin winces and feels the back of her head.

"Ugh! My head is killing me! Hm?"

She moves closer to the door and sees robes and shoes folded neatly on a small table. She picks up the robes and gasp.

"These are beautiful!"

The robes were white silk, with gold in the seams and a purple sash. On the silk were elaborate details of a certain symbol that Rin was familiar with but couldn't remember why. Rin changes into the robes and puts on the slippers that were left near the door. She slides the door open and looks left to right. No one.

The mahogany flows from her room to the floor of the hallway and the wall in from of her room was made of light paper. Rin could hear the muted sound of the waterfall to her right and decides to go left.

As she explored, she found several empty rooms similar to hers, among a kitchen, a dining room, several living rooms, and bathing rooms with hot springs inside. Soon, she arrives at a large glass sliding panel and she looks through to see a rope bridge disappear into the clouds. She squints and sees a familiar figure.

"Sesshomaru?" Rin breathes. "Sesshomaru!"

Rin slides the door opens and runs out onto the bridge.

"Woah!" Her legs fumble and her hands grab the ropes on the side of the bridge to steady herself. She anxiously looks over the side to a disappearing plummet and gulps. Rin looks ahead and sees that his figure is gone. She sighs and takes a breath. Carefully, she continues on the bridge patiently and manages to get to the other side safely. When she looks behind her, she sees that the house disappeared behind the walls of the cave and the immense amount of clouds. She enters the next building by pushing the glass panel aside.

This building was designed exactly like the previous one, but more grand. She continued walking forward and was surprised to see Sesshomaru again.


Rin runs up to greet her Lord but stops. She senses something different about him. He turns around and looks down at her with his blank, handsome face. He seems very similar but Rin felt strange. She looks into his eyes and they almost seemed doll like. She backs away slowly.

"You-you aren't Sesshomaru-sama..."

The imitator tilts his head and stares at Rin for a few seconds. She yelps as she trips over her own feet and lands with a thud on the floor. Rin's eyes widen and she looks around her for some type of weapon. Then, a beautiful sound fills her ears. She almost couldn't hear it at first. It sounded like it was one with the wind. But soon, it grew louder and more distinct. Rin looked all around her in confusion but couldn't tell where it was coming from. The imitator leans forward and holds out his hand toward her. She takes it and as he pulls her up, he points out the window to what is below. She looks at him before approaching the window with curiosity.

She came up to the window, the clouds clear to reveal a small koi pond garden on a floating island. Rin leans to her left and sees several rope bridges that lead to the island. She turns to the imitator.

"Arigatou gozaimasu." Rin smiles and bows.

The imitator nods his head and Rin turns toward the rope bridges. As she got closer to the island, the music became louder. Finally, she reaches the island and is surrounded by beautiful plants. She admires each one and follows the single path towards the koi pond.

Near the koi pond is a large tree and Rin realizes that the source of the sound came from underneath. Her heart jumps as she sees the perfect pale hands in the shadows move to play the Shakuhachi and she closes her eyes, letting the haunting melody come over her. Too soon, the music stops.



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