Reminders of Him

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"Lady Kaede! I'm back!"

Rin pulls the tarp aside. Kaede is cooking fish and washing berries in a basin.

"Welcome back Rin."

"I got new medicinal herbs from Jenjii and ..." Rin reaches into the basket. "Some flowers from the meadow. I thought of you when I saw them."

"Oh Rin!" Kaede says, taking and smelling the flowers. "Ye so thoughtful."

"It's nothing really. Here, lemme fill up these buckets with fresh water."

Rin grabs the two empty buckets and heads out to the other side of the village where the stream was. She dips each bucket into the water, remembering when she was a little girl catching fish for Sesshomaru.

"Woah, where did that come from?" Rin mutters to herself.

Memories of Sesshomaru have been coming back to her recently, even though she hasn't seen him since before her 12th birthday. They would slip into her mind at random moments during her day, then they became her dreams at night. When she would wake up, his face, seemingly carved from the gods themselves, remained imprinted behind her eyelids.

She clutches the moon pendant for comfort. He left her without a reason, and it was suddenly bothering her. Will he ever return for her? Or is she not even worth his time?

Rin sighs, picking the buckets up to return home. A chill goes down her spine, and she looks out the corners of her eyes. The sun was just starting to go down, but there wasn't a villager in sight. She picks up her pace, and reaches Kaede's hut. Carefully, she sets down each bucket next to the door and breaks into a sprint.

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