Rain by gbow1999
Rainby Gbow1999
Whenever Sesshomaru saved Rin he also helped save her sister, Rain. She is older than Rin and has raised her since the death of their parents. Since she met Sesshomaru h...
  • adventure
  • inuyasha
  • sesshomaru
Twilight's Priestess by jumpingmanatee
Twilight's Priestessby jumpingmanatee
Kagome's Feudal Era adventures have finally come to an end. She has returned to the Modern Era determined to move on with her life but deciding it must be done somewhere...
  • edwardcullen
  • alicecullen
  • crossoverfanfiction
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Willow Tashi by MorningstarWho
Willow Tashiby Morningstar Who
Willow Tashi was orphaned the day she was born. She has ears and a tail that she keeps hidden so she does not get prosecuted. Willow's best friend is Kagome Higarashi. W...
  • doggy
  • equality
  • humanrights
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Full Moon {A Sesshomaru x Reader} ^w^ by DancingGiirrll
Full Moon {A Sesshomaru x Reader} Winter Husky
You are a full blooded dog demon. A female one at that. You have two swords. Shi is the blade of Death, while your other sword, Ha is the blade of darkness. They can be...
  • sesshomaru
My Feudal Era Fairytale by Junialan
My Feudal Era Fairytaleby Dreamy_Stardust
She was the Protector. She was the Lost child from the Past in future. She was the Human Child of her Demon Father. Disclaimer: I do not own the Inuyasha franchise. All...
  • hiddengems
  • rin
  • daughter
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Inuyasha (Sesshomaru Love Story) by jv1338091
Inuyasha (Sesshomaru Love Story)by Jasmine Valadez
Sakura is the adoptive older sister of Kagome and Sota Higurashi. Unlike her siblings, she takes a great interest in learning about demons and the way of a priestess. Wh...
  • inuyasha
  • rin
  • sesshomaru
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Chain of Love [SessxKag] by Royal_Arcasoul
Chain of Love [SessxKag]by Royal_Soul
This story doesn't belong to me. Chie owns it from Dokuga °•••°•••°•••° Sesshoumaru's Mother decides that it is time for the West to have an heir. She hires a vixen...
  • romance
  • chain
  • timetravel
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Demon's pup by ThunderbirdQueen
Demon's pupby ThunderbirdQueen
{Yet another Inuyasha Fanfiction!} Miko {My-Koh} comes to visit the Higurashi Shrine. She is down in the rut. Being in High School isn't easy, especially with Exams. Sh...
  • sesshomaruxoc
  • madsjane
  • inuyasha
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Kagome's older sister (Sesshomaru OC x Cannon) by DeviousDemon101
Kagome's older sister ( DeviousDemon101
Saki is Kagome's older sister, she's 19 and Kagome is 15. Saki still lives in the old shrine with her family and helps them with everyday life.. that is.. after she lose...
  • sesshomaru
  • wattys2018
  • shippo
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Sesshomaru In Love?? by jungkook_jimin15BTS
Sesshomaru In Love??by jungkook
When inuyasha chooses kikyo and not kagome....she gets hurt by naraku then has a weird dream that changes her into a demon miko then comes front to front with sesshomaru...
  • sesshomaru
  • kagome
  • kikyo
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Inuyasha and Naruto crossover by JJM112
Inuyasha and Naruto crossoverby JM
They Naruto gang fall into a mysterious hole *Snickering* And fall into the Naruto world. Will they help the Inuyasha gang defeat Naraku? Will They ever go back home? ...
  • sesshomaru
  • kagome
  • sango
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Season's Heat by Artislife1223
Season's Heatby Artislife1223
It's that time of year, for to get down and drity! Yep. Mating season! And that applies to even our favorite Hano, inuysha, and his all mighty, badass, sexy as hell, dea...
  • sesshomaru
  • cycals
  • short
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Crescent Love (Rin x Sesshomaru Lemon) by SugoiEmi
Crescent Love (Rin x Sesshomaru ~ Emi M ~
[InuYasha Fanfic] Rin as a young woman struggles with the death of Jaken and her newfound feelings toward her Lord. Mature for multiple explicit chapters. Suggested song...
  • rin
  • rinxsesshomaru
  • new
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The friend that fell to (Sesshomaru x reader by roslyn132
The friend that fell to ( roslyn132
One day (y/n) was with her friend Kagome and they went to the old well house, they fell in and found themselves 500 years in the past. What will happen to them read to f...
  • lemons
  • inuyasha
  • sesshomaru
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An Endless Journey Of Love ~ Sesshomaru X Reader by Ak1zaV
An Endless Journey Of Love ~ Ak1za
You're a girl who grew up in a wealthy family, with a love for music and traveling. You set out to see the world, when you happen to meet Sesshomaru out in the grassy hi...
  • 殺生丸
  • yokai
  • demons
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Sesshomaru's Twin Sister by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Twin Sisterby ElegantRose269
The sister of the Great Sesshomaru of the West has come about. She roams the lands being the only Miko Inu demoness in all of Japan. How will her appearance impact the g...
  • miroku
  • overpowered
  • inuyasha
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Kindred Spirits by Ashe_Hime
Kindred Spiritsby Ashley S. Reynolds
What sort of romance could spawn between a hauntingly beautiful human? A remarkable being who's beauty rivals that of a Celestial Being. And a demon well known for his m...
  • kindred
  • sacredjewel
  • hearts
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Where all begins by wolfgirl17145
Where all beginsby Puppy
inuyasha decides to escape the rough treatment in his group. Will he be happy with the one person he dislikes?
  • inucest
  • sesshomaru
  • yaoi
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Sesshomaru's Mate : The Snow Maiden (Yuki-Onna) by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Mate : The Snow ElegantRose269
Many do not know of her, however, she is as fearsome as is her exquisite beauty. Being a Yuki Onna whom does not suck the souls out of young men, fallow her adventure as...
  • bandofseven
  • shippo
  • rin
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Destiny (Sesshomaru X OC) by Star_Neko123
Destiny (Sesshomaru X OC)by Star_Neko123
Emiri Akko is one of kagome's best friend and one day Kagome finds out that emiri is able to go down the well to into another world and she meets inuyasha and sesshomaru...
  • sesshomaru
  • bff
  • ending
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