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Rin sighs and peers out the window. She watches the waterfall carefully and tries to recreate it on her canvas. She's sitting in what Master Jaken calls the 'Viewing Room'. It is a bare room with beautiful large windows showcasing all three of the castle's waterfalls. She dips her brush into the black ink again and mimics the falling water.

"Water is the color blue."

Rin feels his head next to hers. She gulps.

"This is Feudal Japan. Paint colors do not exist."

She feels him straighten up and reach for something.

"They do when you have a garden."

She looks over and sees him holding a small bowl in his hands. Inside was blue flower paint.

Rin smiles. "Sesshomaru-sama. You didn't have to."

"I didn't. Jaken did. I ordered him to."

She shakes her head and takes the bowl gratefully. "That's not what I mean."

Rin turns back to her painting and slumps her shoulders.

"Well, there goes my masterpiece."

"It looks good."

"You're lying."

He says nothing.

"I'll just start over." Rin reaches forward to change the canvas.

"Maybe you can... paint another time."

She stops. Before she could react, she feels his soft lips press against her neck. He wraps his arms around her waist.

"Those robes look beautiful on you." He whispers in her ear.

"Sesshomaru..." Rin breathes.

He moves his lips to the back of her ear, then her jaw and her cheek. Rin's breath grows deeper. He finally turns her around and reaches her lips and he kisses her passionately. She wraps her arms around his neck as he pulls her up and against her chest. He lifts her and she crosses her legs around his chest as he supports her legs with his other arm. Their kiss becomes deeper.

Sesshomaru breaks the kiss and lays Rin down carefully on his bed. She looks around in shock.

"You can teleport?"

"Why are you surprise?"

Sesshomaru peels his robes off and throws them on the end of the bed. He was naked again but this time, Rin could enjoy it. She stares at him in awe.

He's always been immaculate, but now he was divine perfection. Every part of him, every shape, seem to be crafted by a higher being. Even his hair, which was more beautiful than the waterfalls around the castle, seem to know it's place.

"Are you enjoying me?"

Rin nods her head. He smirks and leans over to kiss her. As he does, he starts undoing her robes. Rin blushes red as she only wears the necklace.

Sesshomaru traces the outline of her body with his finger before following up with kisses. He caresses her breasts and massages them slowly, getting low moans in response.  He then goes between her legs and teases her.

Soon, he is on top of her again. He cradles his left arm against her head and strokes her bangs. With his right, he lifts one of her legs and tries to enter her. Rin's moans turn into pain.


He stops and brushes a tear off her cheek.

"Rin. We can sto-"

"No. Keep going."

He says nothing as he tries again. He gets a little further in but Rin's still in pain.

"Ahhh.. with all your powers..." she gasps. "...you can't make my vagina wider?"

"I cannot. I can't create life."

"Yeah. Not when my body isn't working."

"I can do this."

He stares at her and Rin is surprised to feel him in her mind. It wasn't like he was reading it from afar; she could actually feel him take space alongside her.

Sesshomaru soothes her mind from the inside and all tension leaves her muscles.

"Better." He whispers as he leaves and pushes himself all the way in.

Instead of pain, Rin feels immense pleasure.


"Much better." Sesshomaru says.

He expertly navigates her body and Rin feels waterfalls of pleasure wash over her again and again. He would turn her body this and that way and they continued into dusk.

They stop when Rin could barely keep her eyes open. She was exhausted while Sesshomaru's demonic aura kept him energized.

Sesshomaru lays next to her, his back to the windows. She squints through fatigue and notices something odd.

"Sesshomaru. Are you ok?"

His eyes were red, his incisors had grown, and he was visibly breathing harder.

"Give me a moment."

Sesshomaru closes his eyes and controls his breathing over a couple of minutes. When he opens them again, the eyes and teeth were back to normal.
He cups her cheek and rubs his thumb across her cheekbone.

"This brings out my true form. By force."

"Oh.." Rin yawns.

"I must apologize. I was holding back. I didn't want to hurt you."

Rin's eyes flutter. "I still enjoyed it."

Sesshomaru does a half smile. Or at least Rin thinks he does. She was drifting.

"Go to sleep, Rin."

She shakes her head stubbornly. Sesshomaru sighs, takes his right hand, and drags it vertically on her face. When he lifts his hand, her eyes are closed and she is fast asleep.

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