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Rin opens her eyes and rubs them. She looks to either side of her and sees that Sesshomaru is gone.

Dawn was peeking from beyond the cave. She sits up and feels the soft silk sheets around her. She bites her lip and smiles to herself. That was amazing. Better than she could ever imagine.

Rin gets out of the bed and stretches.

"Hm?" She looks and sees a trail of flower petals. She follows them to a glass door behind the bed that she hasn't seen before. Curious, she slides the glass panel aside and sees a bathing room. Warm water sat waiting in the large tub.

She smiles. "Sesshomaru is a sweetheart."

She gets closer and sees that the rose petals lead their way into the tub and there were some floating inside.

Rin sighs as she steps in. The tub was easily as big as Sesshomaru's room and all the walls were glass. Rin spreads her body out and floats delicately on the surface, her hair splaying beneath her. She closes her eyes.

"This is amazing. Why didn't he come for me sooner?"

Her eyebrows knit together.

"Why did he leave me? He never answered. Oh well... I'm here now. This is paradise."

Rin opens her eyes and sees a black pitcher on the edge of the tub that she didn't notice before. She swims over to it and takes it in her hands. Inside was a creamy liquid. She smells it and realizes it's soap.

Rin pours it in and watches it drip into the water.


In seconds, it had spread through out the water and turned it into a creamy texture. It felt like Rin was bathing in milk and honey.

Just as she was sinking in again, she felt a pain in her chest. Rin ignores it at first but then it returned more urgent.

She feels her chest and thumbs the necklace. Rin tries to hold the moon pendent between her fingers but it suddenly becomes scorching hot.

"Ow!" She lets it go and it lands on her skin, searing through.

The green light from the necklace blazes the room with light and Rin looks down to see the moon pendent embedded between her breasts. She touches it and realizes it has become a part of her skin.

Rin breathes faster as the pain grows even more. Her heart begins to beat irregularly and she has a harder time catching her breath.

With the rest of her strength, she swims over to the edge of the tub and raises herself up. She reaches forward with one arm.


Her vision turns black as she slowly slips underneath the water.

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