Lord Sesshomaru

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"Sesshomaru-sama! Sesshomaru-sama! Sessh-"

"Jaken. I've told you to not disturb me while I'm projecting."

Sesshomaru is sitting in a large, cavernous room with a single mat on a raised platform. Jaken is peaking his head guiltily from the door.

"Sorry Lord Sesshomaru. I wasn't aware."

"What is it this time." He gets up from his position and slowly walks toward the door.

"Well, the nearby human village has just erected a large temple for you sir!! You are their new God and they will be throwing a festival in your honor and-"

"You just want to go for the fried firecracker ants." He reaches the door and it begins opening. Jaken jumps back.

"My goodness, Lord Sesshomaru. I would never uphold your legacy for something as trivial as human food!"

Sesshomaru looks at Jaken.

"Ok, ok. A little bit of them won't hurt!"


He and Jaken walk down the long corridor. His entire castle is made of dark, cherry wood with long glass windows at every turn. It was built on the side of the mountain and has three main buildings along with a courtyard. Each building has its own garden and temple and is connected by a long rope bridge, hanging securely over large descending pools of koi ponds. Combined they have a total of over 200 rooms, each one designed very minimalistic. Sesshomaru's private chambers are deep inside the mountain, with several living spaces and a giant waterfall located in a cave. It took 100 small fry demons a week to build it all, and Sesshomaru killed them all with barely a blink after its completion. It's location is hidden from both humans and demons alike.

They continue to walk, arriving outside and towards one of the building's gardens.

Sesshomaru keeps his slow, graceful gait as he asks, "Something on your mind?"

Jaken grumbles to himself. He hates when the Lord reads his mind. He clears his throat. "I was wondering what has been on your mind, Lord Sesshomaru. You seem to be in a lighter mood."

Sesshomaru remains silent as they make their way to the garden and he sits underneath a cherry blossom tree, Jaken standing in front of him. Jaken admires the portrait in front of him, of his master with his stone cold beauty as cherry blossom petals float just beyond him.

'My master is so beautiful.'

Sesshomaru's nose flinches.

'Oh no! Did he hear me?? Crap, crap, crap!!!"


'Oh I'm in a world of trouble now!"

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru."

He watches the birds on the tree beyond Jaken. "Who is the wisest on this planet?"

"Only you, Lord Sesshomaru!"

"I'm not looking for flattery, Jaken."

Jaken swallows nervously. "I-."

"You still get flustered around me Jaken? You are my trusted, loyal servant. Surely you are accustomed to my presence. You still fear me?"

Sesshomaru's golden eyes find Jaken's. He is noticeably shaking.

"Yes, my Lord. Very much so, my Lord."

"Good answer." Sesshomaru breaks eye contact with him.

Jaken steadies himself on his staff of two heads. He takes a few breaths before answering his Lord's question.

"The wisest of all the land is a human monk by the name of Furui Tamashī. He resides in the temple near Hamaku Village."

"Hm." Sesshomaru rises from the tree. "I will be paying him a visit. Watch the castle. My clone should be doing his daily routine."

Jaken bows. "Yes Lord Sesshomaru."

Before he could rise, his Lord was gone.

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