After The Grammys

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"Wait, what? You decided to go tonight?" My brother asks me with surprise hidden in his voice as I pull over my white button down Versace shirt to match my navy blue Calvin Klein pants.

"Correct. Is there a problem?" I ask him because I could hear in his voice that he has a problem with me going.

"Zendaya is gonna be there." He tells me as I button up that last button on my shirt. It's crazy how we broke up with each other almost two years ago but somehow Iyn always know how to mention her name. It's like he wants me to move on from her while he's still stuck in the past.

"Of course your ass would know." I mutter under my breath and a part of me wanted him to hear me just as much as I didn't at the same time.

"What nigga?" He gets up from my bed and I sigh frustratingly as he does. For the past couple of years, whenever I decide to attend an event this guy always finds out if Zendaya will be attending as well. Sometimes it's helpful to be honest because I didn't think I was ready to see her in person. Everyone has read about her explaining her past relationship at least once in an magazine interview or online. Fans who look closely into Zendaya's life could put two and two together and figure out that she was talking about me. It's obvious; it's not rocket science or anything.

But now? I'm annoyed. It's 2018 and he's still doing this same shit and I'm utterly tired of him. He swears I needa just move on and forget about her yet he's always updating me about her. He even told me that Zendaya watches Grownish as if I needed to know that. At this point in my life, I'm done caring about if Zendaya and I will run into each other, life's gonna go on whether or not we ever see each other again. For about two years, I've managed to not even be in the same building as her and I'm tired.

"You always know if Zendaya's gonna be at the same damn event I'm going to but did it ever occur to your ass, that I don't give a fuck? We're both in the acting industry and we might have to go to the same events, I mean it's bound to happen one day. But I'm not worried about that like you are. If I see her, then fine but I don't need you telling me if she's going to the Grammy's tonight, damn Iyn." I sigh in frustration as he looks at me, longer than I expected. His emotions look like a mix of anger, confusion, and maybe surprise? But I don't even care about about that right now. He walks out of my room silently, leaving me in the room by myself.


It's the end of the award show and I haven't even seen Zendaya not once. She wasn't a presenter or anything and I didn't see her on the red carpet either. At this point, I'm not even sure why Iyn never wanted me to go to the same event Zendaya was attending because nine times out of ten, I won't even see her out of the hundreds of people who go to events.

I check the time on my phone and it reads, 11:43 pm. I put it back in my pocket and look up only to be met with the eyes of Zendaya. I'm starstruck, I think. Not by her beauty alone, but by the fact that I haven't seen her in person, literally in over two years. She drops both her hands to her side as she looks at my irises, Darnell, I think is his name, looks at the both of us awkwardly with his mouth slightly open.

"Ima be right here Z, lemme know if I gotta beat somebody's ass." He tells Zendaya, loud enough for me to clearly hear him. She smiles at him before he walks past me, eyeing me up and down in the process. Obviously Zendaya didn't waste time telling him about me.

"Hey." She croaks, stepping up a little. We're about three feet apart but the tension between stretches much larger than that.

"Hi." I say, almost lost for words. "I'm surprised you're speaking to me after a year and a half." I put my hands in my pockets.

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