do this one favor for me

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"Trevor.." I say to him as we lay on each other watching movies and eating all the junk food in the world. Noon stretched on both our laps as we both layer our hands on him.

After Midnight died, I felt like a piece of my childhood died with it. But when Trevor bought me noon, I couldn't be happier. He was in Indiana when I knew about it, and he wanted it to be a surprise but did he really think my mom & dad could keep that a secret from me? For some reason, he didn't want anyone to know except for the four of us, that he bought Noon for me, so I just told my fans Santa got it for me.

"What's up Z?" Trevor replies as his face turns to face me and he gives me a small peck on the cheek, leaving me blushing redder than a tomato. Good thing my living room is dark.

"I think maybe we should tell our fans that we're dating." His eyes become wider at my statement.

"What? Why? You were the one who didn't want to in the first place." He says which is true, because a lot was happening when we first started dating each other. I was filming KC undercover and my fans were so hyped from just that, then through out the year, more projects started coming up and I just.. I don't know. I didn't necessarily have the time to.

"I know, but I hate keeping stuff from my fans. And a lot of them already think we do since apparently we aren't the best on going out together secretly.

"Well, yeah. Not if you put it on snapchat." He whispers.

"Look, I think we're both old enough and we're at a point of our lives where we can handle all the paparazzi or articles. I just want to be able to put my arm around you and go to the movies and not have to sneak around to do it. It's been over a year." I plead, he doesn't know how bad I want that.

"I do to, trust me. I mean, you're my girlfriend, and I want the whole world to know that. But there's always your dad too, and I don't think I can cope with the press honestly. There's so many things that could affect our relationship if we put it out there that we're dating." Trevor looks at me, piercing my eyes with his.

"Yeah. But remember December 26th? That was the first time you kissed me and told me you loved me. And I know you do, so do this for me. I know it's gonna be hard being just another Hollywood couple but–"

"Yeah, you're right it is. Everyone's gonna start expecting so much from us. I have to post a picture of you for my 'wcw' or you have to put me for your 'mcm' or we'll have to go on dates every week, and take selfies together, I can't do all that. Not by force."

"Wow Trevor. If you're not ready to go public now, when will you be?" I said with an attitude.

"I don't know." He replies a lot quicker than I thought he would. From there, I get up from the seat, leaving Noon and Trevor there. I couldn't stand to be right next to him right now.

"Zendaya! Wait." Trevor rushes up to me before I can go up the stairs. He grabs my forearm.

"Trevor. I'm done talking about it, okay? I'll bring it back up in the next three years, when ever you're ready, if we're still dating by then..."

"W-what are talking about Z? If we're still dating- look. I know you want us to go public, but-"

"But what? We've been dating each other for over a year now. We've been sneaking around doing couple stuff, but it just feels like I'm doing stuff after my curfew or something. I can't wait on you forever, and if that's the case th–" Before I can respond, Trevor's lips press on mine gently, then harder. I put my hands behind his neck as he still holds my jaw. The kiss felt just like the one we shared on December 26th. It brings back all these memories. I'm the reason why Trevor wrote "the 25th." It's because of what happened that day.

We release from each other as we catch our breath. Trevor doesn't stop cuffing my cheeks.

"You know I love you, and I love spending time with you. And I honestly don't want to loose that, okay? But if you want to so badly, then I think I'm okay with us going public about our relationship. Just as long as you're happy." He says calmly and it feels like forever until I finally register what he said.

"I love you so much." I tell Trevor before wrapping him in a huge hug.

"I know you do.." I could feel his face turning into a smirk, and I couldn't enjoy it even more.

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