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"Zendaya, wait!" Zendaya rushes out the gymnasium doors with her cheer bags as soon as the game is over and I, being the great friend that I am, is following out her to see what's up.

I didn't even get to congratulate the whole team on winning our championship basketball game before I noticed how quick she left the game. Something's gotta be up. I run faster and catch up with her. I grab her arm and walk in front of her only to see probably the worst thing ever.

Her eyes are almost bloodshot red and there's tears over tear stains and she looks like she just lost her dad or something.

"Zendaya? What's wrong? Why are you crying like this?" I ask her, my voice cracking in the process.

"Trevor, go celebrate. You guys won the championship, just please let me go." She says a little over a whisper. It honestly pains me to see her like this. She doesn't deserve it.

"No, that can wait. I'm here now, so please just tell me what's wrong. I can't stand to see you like this.." I say to her with sad eyes and once she finally makes eye contact with me, I can see in her eyes hurt and disappointment.

"It's you Trevor. You're so dumb you didn't even realize." She mutters while trying to walk away but I stop her before she can.

"What? I took you out for ice cream this week, what did I do wrong?" I ask curiously. I know I forgot last week, but that's why I made it up to her.

"It's not about the ice cream. How could you date Talia?" She asks while more tears shed from her eyes. Talia? My ex?

"Zendaya, I broke up with her over three months ago, you know that. What's the real reason why you're crying?" I ask as she just looks straight up at me, tears running down her face as she still held her bags in her hands.

"You guys won the championship. This is the game that every college was waiting to see you play and I know after how well you did, you're gonna get a lot of offers.." She says as she sniffs then puts her bags on the ground. She pulls away from my grip to wipe her face of all her tears.

"You don't want me to get any offers?" I press on what she just said as she closed her eyes and exhales strongly.

"No, I want you to get offers, I just– I know it's gonna be from a lot of colleges out of state. Duke has been looking at you since junior year." She answers as another tear rolls down her face.

Please stop crying.

"What's wrong with that? Duke's an Ivy League school, it'd be a great opportunity to attend there." I ensure her while she nods her head in agreement.

"I know." She says barely over a whisper.

"So what's the problem Z?" I'm urging to get the answer out of her because I know damn well it isn't about me dating Talia three months ago.

"The problem is that you're gonna be all the way in North Carolina and I'll still be here in California. And I hate to be a selfish friend but we're best friends and I don't want us being in two totally different places jeopardizing that." She finally tells me as I let what she just said sink in.

"You're afraid that if I go to Duke, then–"

"We won't be as close friends anymore. And I really don't wanna lose our friendship." She sighs and I look her intently while she looks at the ground beneath us.

I couldn't leave California for any reason, even if someone payed me. I couldn't just leave Zendaya.

"I don't wanna lose our friendship either." I take a small step closer to her, slowly and she looks up right at me. She's oblivious to the fact that I'm honestly just using our 'friendship' as a metaphor for something more.

"But it's bound to happen, you'll be all the way across the country... And I'll be here."She states with a hint of disappointment in her voice. When you leave to go to college you have to sometimes think of what others think about your decision; to see if it benefits everybody.

"Who says I'll take the offer?" I question her and her eyes lock with mine for a second longer than I had imagined.

"Trevor, let's be real here. If Duke offered you a full scholarship, you wouldn't take it?" She asks me as she folds her hands to wait for my response. I'll be bluntly honest with her.

"If that meant leaving my whole family and friends, and you, I'd pass on that offer." I tell her as a small smile plasters on her lips as I utter those words out to her.

"You're serious? You'd stay here?" She must really think I'd leave.

"If it means being with you, of course." I smirk widely at her and before I know it, she pulls me into a strong hug and the feeling of this is make the hairs on my arm stand up.

As we pull apart, I focus on her face as I can see a smile that I'm really glad about. Then, I look down to her lips. Bad idea.

Lean in.

No, we're just friends and that'd be stepping on a few boundaries..

Lean in, damn it!

And without even thinking about anything, I cuff Zendaya's face in my hands and almost like magic, we both started to lean in, not caring on where this makes us stand in our relationship.

Finally, our lips touch softly, before I press on hers forcefully, and I can't even begin to explain how badly I've wanted to kiss Zendaya. She rests her hands on my collarbone as I move one hand down to her waist to pull her closer to me. We release to take a breath as we both just stare into each other's eyes, trying to figure out how we both feel about this.

"And nothing will ever change that." I say to her as a lips begin to curve into one of the most beautiful smiles I've seen.


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