party emotions

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He pulled me away from the party in front of everyone. He held my hand and walked me towards the entrance. I give a worried look to my friend, Bella as we reach closer and closer to the exit.

He opens the door while our hands are still intact and pulls me towards a shrub near by.

He lets go of my hand and looks at me, his eyes almost heartless.

"Look, Trevor I'm sorry I stepped on your new shoes, I just thought it would be funny, geez." I say to his face which is dimly lit by the few lights outside.

He didn't say anything, he just looked at me for a few more seconds.

I for one, couldn't take it. "Trevor, what do you want? I said I was sorry." I say a little louder so I know he could hear me.

Before I could get out another word, he cuffs my cheek with his very soft hands. The only thing I could do was look at him intimately and oblivious to what he was going to do next.

Knowing Trevor, he would probably blow in my eye or something, or just whisper something in the back of my ear.

I couldn't think of anything else once his lips touch mine and I couldn't resist not kissing him back.

He brings his other hand to my elbow and leaves it there, still giving me my space since this is the first time we've ever kissed.

I lift my arms up to place one on his neck and cradle his face with the other.

He releases to my disappointment but I'm satisfied with the kiss. Never in my life did I ever imagine kissing this dude, and nonetheless ever thinking that I would enjoy it. He's my bestfriend and even if I did have a little feelings for him, I kept it to myself.

"Z, I'm not mad about my shoes, I mean I was at first but.." He pauses. But what?! Tell me, I'm literally dying here!

"Remember when we went through each other's phones before?" He asks calmly. What does this have to do about you kissing me?!

"Yes." Was the only thing I could mutter out to him while my mind was thinking of so many things and my eyes spoke a million words to him.

"I looked through your messages." I cringe at his words. We only get to see each other every now and then at a few parties since he lives far away and we don't go to the same school. So anytime we see each other at a party, we take that as an advantage. And going through each other's every detail on our phones is one.

"And...?" I say.

"I read your messages with Jay." My heart must have skipped a beat. Jay's my friend that I do get to see everyday, he goes to my school and literally lives in a neighborhood three minutes away from mine. And anytime we hang out, people always find the need to say we should date. It doesn't really disturb me because I can see where they get it from, we do sometimes flirt but it's  never on purpose, it's natural.

"And I didn't like the fact that he got to be in the position to talk to you that way, and not me." He's jealous!! Trevor is freaking jealous of my relationship with Jay.

"That's why you're mad?" I ask him, trying to stay calm.

"Yes. I got mad so I thought I should just stop talking to you so I wouldn't ruin your night." Seriously?

"You ruined it once you stopped talking to me." I chuckle a little after the words come out.

"Well, hopefully this, makes it better." He explains and places his lips on mine again, my body exploding with fireworks once again, probably more than the last time.

It did make it better.

I hope you guys liked that little snippet ;)

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