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"What's all this Trevor?" I ask out to Trevor while I walk over to the single table in the middle of his living room. He dimmed the lights, set up a few candles, and put Party Next Door on in the background. He comes running down the stairs in a heather grey suit and tie and then stops to look at me with a smirk on the last step. Wow, I'm counting myself as the luckiest girl in the world because I can say Trevor Jackson is mine. Plus he looks freaking fine but too bad I'm mad at him.

"It's an 'I'm sorry for being an asshole' date." He sighs and walks over to me. Two days ago, we had a play at school and I was actually the lead of the dancing scene. Trevor promised me that he'd be there but due to football practice (as he claims) he over slept and forgot to come.

Yes, I'm being petty.

"Look." Trevor says before walking over to me and holding my hands in his. "I really wanted to be there but I was knocked the fuck out." He admits and chuckles lightly before gathering his thoughts again.

"But that's not an excuse for missing your dance recital. And if I'm being honest, if I were you, I wouldn't even forgive me right now because I know you wanted me to be there. But I can–"


"Huh?" He asks, oblivious to my thoughts.

"I forgive you, it's okay." I tell him truthfully as I smile at him with pure genuine written across my face. "Most boyfriends wouldn't even apologize for something like this but you went all the way out and did all this plus I believe I smell Olive Garden." I say to him with a smirk as he reaches into his pocket to activate his iHome. The iHome starts and plays "Pillowtalk" as Trevor looks up at me and smirks as well.

"You're a damn fool." I tell him while Trevor intertwines his right hand with my left hand and places his left hand on my waist.

"I'm your fool though." He winks at his very lame remark and leans in to plant his lips onto mine. I kiss him back as if this was the last kiss we would share together. We pull apart and Trevor raises his head to kiss my forehead before he looks deep into my eyes as if he were searching for something in them. I break the stare after a few seconds, I can't handle looking at him for too long. Suddenly, he steps forward causing me to step back some and I would guess he's trying to dance with me. I don't deny as I continue to move my feet slightly to the song.

He twirls me around twice before letting me twirl on my own and back into his arms. He turns me around, so my back is trapped in his arm and he rests his mouth in the crouch of my neck. "I love you.  So damn much." He mumbles into my neck as I reply to him with a subtle smile.

"I love you too, Trevor." I tell him truthfully and I don't think I meant to say anything just as much as I did now.

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