late nights with you

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Trevor and I laid in my bed just talking and enjoying each other's company.

His arm was wrapped around mine and my head was on his chest. Our legs were intertwined in each other's and feeling his touch all around me sent warmth to every part of my body.

"Zendaya, stop tickling me with your toes." Trevor says with a wide grin.

"I can't help it, it just feels so nice to me." I smile just as hard as him. I'm sure my smile couldn't get any wider than this.

"You're so cute when your dimples show." He smirks and gives me a soft kiss on my forehead.

I look up at him and kiss him back on his lips, his soft lips. He deepens the kiss and pulls me even closer to him and wraps me in his arms.

My hands find its way to his head then to his hair and I rummaged my hand through it.

He manages to get up from his position and holds himself on top of me, doing all this while still kissing me.

He kissed me so passionately and I loved every bit of it.

He released his lips from mine and slowly took off his shirt, revealing his abs. I placed my hand on it and admired them.

He leaned back into my space, this time with his mouth open. I did the same and our kiss got heated.

His tongue ventured through every part of my mouth as I kissed him genuinely, really kissed him.

We just enjoy each other, tasting each other and having each other's company.

"I love you so much Zendaya.." Trevor says as his lips are still close to mine.

"I love you too Trevor, so fucking much." I say quickly before Trevor starts to kiss around my face.

He slowly reaches for my button- down shirt and almost rips it open. I slide it off me slowly, revealing just me in my bra.

Trevor smirked at me, clearly enjoying his view.

"Trevor-" I begin to say, but Trevor cuts me off.

"No. Don't talk. Just enjoy the moment." He says while he lays a soft kiss on my check. Then down to my bra, and lower to my belly button.

A moan escapes my mouth as he reaches my belly button, because every touch feels ticklish down there.

Trevor then moved up to my face again, but this time he plants a kiss under my ear.

There. He found my soft spot.

Trevor begins to suck on that part gently and all I could do was smile.

"Trevor. We don't want to leave any marks. Do we?" I say breathing just as hard as him.

"Too late for that." Trevor says plainly as another smirk grows on his face.

He lays down right beside me, putting his arm down right beside mine. Just feeling his touch is all I need. Okay, not so much.

I climb on top of him and cuff both sides of his face. I lean in and kiss him passionately on the lips.

"So you're taking control now?" He asks interrupting our kiss.

"Shut up Trevor and enjoy the moment." I mocked his words and a smile showed on his face.

I resumed into kissing him. I swear he was the love of my life.



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