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"It's like he doesn't even remember me!" I told my best friend Violet as we walk down the hallway to our next class.

"But like two weeks ago, he put his arm around you and you even asked if he remembered your name and he said yes, it's Zendaya, how could I forget. Of course he freaking remembers you!" She yells at me with excitement and frustration.

"Well he doesn't act like it." I try to convince her to prove my point.

The guy I'm talking about is Trevor. He and I had fourth period together last year and we really bonded. We talked all the time, laughed at each other's jokes, and even got comfortable enough with each other to the point where he could put his arm around me as a friendly gesture or we could sit in comfortable silence. I never thought, not even for a second about how much I took his affection for granted.

"I mean I know he sees me in between classes, yet he doesn't say a word? Do you realize how many people I don't have classes with that I still talk to, to this day?" I continue.

"I could imagine." She tells me, resulting me to roll my eyes at her. "Look, I can't tell you why he won't speak to you because I honestly don't know why. But I'm sure he'll come around.. Eventually at least." Violet assures me and I let out a devastating sigh. She walks into our third period as I head towards my locker to get a few books.

I turn the lock while putting in the correct combination, causing it to open on demand as I switch out a few books for my next class. I shut the door of my locker and reach for my phone in my pocket. While walking towards class, checking Instagram's latest feed, I double tap a picture and before I know it, I collide into a very strong body and my phone drops onto the floor, along with my binder that I was holding.

"Oh my God! Please don't be cracked!" I screech as I dart for my phone turned on its back to check the damage.

"Aw, damn. I'm so sorry Zendaya." A very familiar voice says to me sincerely the moment I check my phone screen just to see absolutely not one flaw.

"What's there to be sorry for? My phone's fine." I tell the guy standing in front of me as I look up at him and my eyes meet with his very brown eyes. When was the last time I made eye contact with Trevor Jackson?

"Well yeah, but I'm still sorry for making you drop your phone." He breaks eye contact with me to look at the floor. He reaches down and grabs my binder and holds it out for me with a shy smile. "And your binder." He concludes as I smile cheekily and take my binder from him.

He gives me one last glance before he walks around me slowly to avoid the awkward silence. Zendaya, say something. Speak up idiot.

"Trevor?" I say in a questioning tone and turn around towards his direction, causing him to stop in his tracks and face me.

"Yeah?" He asks with furrowed eyebrows, walking towards me. The closer he gets, the louder my heart beats and the harder it gets to tell him how I really feel.

"I was just uh- wondering why we don't ever talk to each other anymore.." I state hesitantly and receive a baffled look from him, which I had expected. I mean, he wouldn't understand where I'm coming from and probably barely even realizes that we rarely talk anymore.

"Um, actually never mind." I tell him quickly, trying to erase the last fifteen seconds away from my memory as I turn around and walk away from him. To my surprise, he grabs my wrist and walks a few more steps to meet me.

"I didn't think you'd wanna talk to me." He lets out and it almost causes me to literally choke on the air around me. Why would he even think that? More like vise versa. He is constantly surrounded by girls and me on the other hand, have a couple a friends come to me every now and then.

"Why would you think that?" I say more than curiously as he repositions himself a little before answering.

"Because last year when I used to talk you all the time, you never seemed fully interested." He chuckles nervously, but I just find it actually kinda cute.

"I was interested, I can promise you that. Even if you thought I wasn't back then, I can assure you, I am now." I pause. "Well I'd like it if we could start talking again." I smile genuinely at him as he does the same after licking his lips.

Wow, he's really teasing me right now.

"Well, um I'll see you around, maybe lunch I guess?" I shrug my shoulders lightly as I give him a small smile before turning around and walking towards the other direction.

Before I can even take a total of three steps, I feel a tug on my wrist and I immediately turn around to look up at Trevor.

"Trevor? We have to go to class." I tell him with a curious facial expression. His grip on my wrist loosens as he lets go of it and steps forward, almost close enough to probably feel my heart beat accelerating erratically. I look up at him only to find him staring right back at me and his eyes dart to my lips for a split second before looking back at my irises.

Suddenly, he brings his hand up to hold my face before immediately lowering down to place his lips on mine. He catches me by surprise so it takes me a second longer to realize what's really going on. Eventually, I close my eyes and deepen the kiss by stepping closer to him and resting one of my hands on his shoulder while I hold my binder by my side with the other.

"I've been wanting to do that for a while, whether we talked all the time or we never even said a word to each other." Trevor says with his lips brushing on mine.

Call me crazy, but even though this is my only kiss I've shared with Trevor, I don't think any other one could've been more perfect than this one.

Author's Note

Hey guys!! I just wanted to share a little zevor snippet with you guys. This probably sucked but I didn't wanna not give you guys anything before I update Tutoring the Bad Boy.

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