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I walked into school headed to my locker as Trevor spotted me and smiled as he walked my way.

"Hey Z." Trevor smirks his signature smirk, and puts his arm over me.

Meet Trevor Jackson. No we aren't dating.. Even though everyone feels like we should..

He's just one of my best friends and I would hate to even try to think of him as a boyfriend.

Not the fact that I may think he's just not my type, because that's not it; just the fact that I literally hate thinking about my relationship with him.

Period. Point. Blank.

It was complicated in the past, when he first moved here, to California. We instantly started to connect with each other and believe it or not, he started to like me.

But five years ago? I didn't like that boy, not one bit. Trust me, he was funny and sweet but I just didn't see him that way.

And I had to really explain that to him for him to really grasp on what I was trying to tell him. And when he did, we stopped talking to each other. It was horrible, up to the point where I couldn't even stand to be around him, which was very hard to deal with considering his mom and my mom are such great friends.

And I didn't think about him not once until last summer. I don't know what happened, but we had that connection again. Like if you put two magnets close enough to each other, they'll attract.

And that's exactly what we did. Only we became best friends all over again. We put the past behind us and kinda just started over.

But the weird thing is? I'm glad we started over and ended up being friends again. And we've both matured so we wouldn't just rush into anything like before.

But now, maybe I want that..

Maybe I want him to tell me he likes me, maybe I want him to hold me in his arms not because we're friends, but because we were a couple.

Maybe, I would like that.

But this is the thing about me. I'm indecisive. Very indecisive. And I can't make a choice even if the world depended on it.

So one day I could think to myself, man, I think I really like Trevor.

And then the next I finally get some sense knocked into my head; and realize that we're just friends and that's all we'll ever be.

Not because of me or him, but because of all his friends, that just so happen to be girls.

And it really pisses me off when the moment I say I have to get to class or something, he'd leave me in a heartbeat just to go talk to them.

Yeah I get mad, and I think this is what he wants. This is what he thrives for. He wants me to get mad over this. He talks to all these girls to see if I disapprove of it, and of course I say I don't care, but deep down inside.. I do, a lot.

"Earth to Daya." Trevor waves his hand in my face.

"I'm here, sorry. I was just thinking about ugh- my dog. He's literally been eating everything in my house." I say and I can't even remember one word that just came out my mouth right now.

"Oh. Is she okay?" Trevor asks. There goes his compassionate side showing which I just so happen to enjoy.

"Yeah, she's fine. But um Trevor, do you like anyone?" My words slipped off my tongue so fast, I didn't even realize I said them until he started speaking moments later.

"Yeah, I do a lot. But I rather not talk about it." He says very monotone.

"Oh, well do I know her?" Why do these words keep coming out of my mouth.

"Nah, you don't know her at all." Trevor wraps his arm back around me and looks straight ahead as we start walking.

I kept silent the whole time because I had my answer.

He didn't like me.

Author's Note:
Okay, this is literally how I feel about one of my friends and it's the most annoying thing ever, lmao.

Have you guys ever felt this way too? You and your bestfriend are so close and it makes you feel all these different emotions that you rather just past away on?

Yeah, same.

Hope you guys liked this though. And if you didn't, don't worry.

There's a part two coming up. 😛

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