it's your birthday.

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Cautiously, I walk up to Zendaya's front door step and begin to raise my hand up to knock on the door but I freeze right in my tracks because I don't think this is a very good idea anymore. It's September 1st, Zendaya's birthday and since I've known her, not a year has gone by since I haven't wished her a happy birthday until unfortunately last year. I can only blame myself for that, I made a huge mistake, a mistake that I'll have to live with my entire life but I don't care how long it takes, I'll still be trying to make it up to her.

I look down at the dozen white roses I have in my left hand and sigh. Yeah, this isn't a good idea. Zink was too willing to respond to my text, let alone give me Zendaya's address. She's probably planning something or worse, she already told Zendaya I was coming.

Two minutes later, I still haven't knocked on the door. It's been over year since I've even uttered a word to her, so what the hell am I supposed to say once she opens the door. "Hey?"

Interrupting my train of thought, the door swings open which causes me off guard as my eyes widen. In a mere amount of seconds, Noon pops out from behind the door, sitting down at my feet. It's nice to know at least Noon can still tolerate me. A smile creeps at my face as I kneel down to pet him but his leash starts to move from behind the door, causing me to rise up at the sudden action, only to be met face to face with Zendaya. She's dressed in a white shirt that reads feminist, with black sweatpants and some black low vans. Her hair seems freshly washed with loose curls and by the time my eyes take a full glance at her body, my eyes move to her face as I catch her already staring at me with furrowed eyebrows.

Her lips separate, maybe because she was planning to say something but they soon close up again seconds after. Without thinking and lots of hesitation, I finally open my mouth to speak.

"I wanted to wish you a happy 21st birthday." I say to her barely over a whisper as I hold out the roses to hand to her. She gives me a perplexed look, trying to control Noon at the same time with his leash.

"Trevor?" She finally utters her first words to me in over a year and I give her a small smile in return.

"How in the hell did you get my address?" She says, still standing in the middle of her doorway.

"Zink gave it to me when I asked her believe it or not." I take a small pause before continuing as I bring the roses down to my side. What a waste of 75 dollars. "Look, I'm not here to give you any trouble–"

"Of course you aren't because you already gave me all the trouble you could by releasing that disgusting ass song about our relationship. In what? An attempt to win me back? Boy, you must've been out your damn mind." She finishes as she closes the door behind her and guides Noon to walk past me into her garden as she does the same. I admit, releasing that song wasn't the best advice my brother gave me and I'll resent him for it forever. Instead of putting out the song, I could have just talked to her in person. Next time, trust your gut negro.

At this given time, I knew I should've walked away right then and there but I'll never convince her that I never meant to hurt her if I do that. Instead, I jog a few paces to catch up with her. She shoots me a rude look, implying that I should just leave but I'm not going anywhere.

"Look, you have a good two minutes tops to explain to me why you thought it was okay to get this close to me." She threatens and that gives me hope that she actually wants to hear the reason behind why I'm still walking next to her, something I've truly miss doing.

"I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am, Z." I let out cautiously, scared for her answer in return.

"Only my friends get to call me Z. One minute and forty five seconds." I sigh at her response, making it clear that we are the farthest thing from friends right now.

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