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I honestly don't understand why I contemplate about things like this. I usually don't like guys, ever since a huge incident happened back in the sixth grade. I now know how to keep my hormones under control and not get too attached to a guy, ever.

But then there's one guy, who actually acknowledges you, tells you how that you look beautiful, makes you laugh, puts his arm around you, and basically makes you feel a lot more special than any other girl at your school.. How could you not get attached? I'm
not saying I like this guy or maybe I do but either way it goes, I know for a fact he doesn't like me.

How is it that one week, he can act a little too friendly and put his arm over me, flirt with me, you name it and then this week, he absolutely shows no interest in me. I mean literally he will make eye contact with me and just keep walking. But you know what? Why am I letting myself obsess over this? He's just a guy out of the millions that are out there so it's okay.

I'm currently heading to class, and this is usually where Trevor would come up to me but I'm not expecting him to, nor do I want him to. Well. I slip my phone in my back pocket and keep walking down the hill to enter into the building where my class is. Suddenly, I feel my phone literally get removed from my pocket and I turn around to see Trevor already checking my notifications. He usually does this, I have no idea why but this time, I wasn't here for it. I grab my phone back from him and proceed to walk towards my class before I'm too late but I feel a tug on my book bag which cause me to stop.

I turn around and once again I see Trevor as our eyes meet. I'm the first to avert my eyes to the ground just because I can't stand to look at him anymore. He then looks down at my hands and grabs it to pull me near outside of the building my class is in.

"Look, I don't wanna be late for class so could you please let go of my wrist?" I try to pull free from his grip but I fail as it only gets stronger.

"What's the matter with you?" He asks me a little aggravated if I had to guess because his eyebrows are furrowed. I keep silent even though he asked a question because I know good and damn well that I won't be able to shut up if I put this guy in his place.

"I'm late for class." I tell him after the bell sounds and try to walk away but yet again, I fail miserably.

"That's cool. I'm late too." He shrugs, still holding onto my hand.

"You really don't get it huh? How come you're talking to me now but you didn't talk to me yesterday or the day before or the week before that? You don't get to pick and choose when you decide to acknowledge me like that. You can't just lead me on, letting me think you like me but in reality you just–" Before I even finish my sentence, for the first time in my life, a boy's lips meet with mine and despite how I feel about Trevor right know, I can't stand to not kiss him back. He's still holding on to my hand as he brings the other hand up to cuff my face, leaving me almost motionless. So this is what a kiss feels like? Am I kissing him back right? 

He lets go as he opens his eyes to meet mine. He seems startled and embarrassed if you ask me.

"Zendaya, I do like you, a lot actually. I'm just not the kinda guy to be that expressive about my feelings, I-I guess." He stammers and scratches the back of his head, which causes me to smile.

"Now was that so hard to tell me?" I look up at him
as he licks his lips before making eye contact with me. He shrugs playfully before smirking at me and interlocking his hand with mine as we walk to our next class together.

just to entertain you zevor shippers ;) hopefully a new chapter of tutoring the bad boy will be up tomorrow, if not sunday i'll try for monday!

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