Chapter 18 - Moving In

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We stayed at the beach until lunch. We decided to eat at McDonald's. 

"YAY! MCDONALD'S!" Daniel said, jumping up and down. We all laughed at him as we entered. 

"Hello! Welcome to Chili's!" Jack quietly yelled, when he entered. We laughed even harder at this. We did realize that some people were staring at us. When we calmed down, everyone ordered their food and we found a table. I got chicken nuggets and some fries. For dessert, I ate ice cream with fries. I really don't get how anyone says this is disgusting. 

"How can you eat that?" Jack asked. Oh boy. Here we go again.

"Why else would I be eating this?" I told him sarcastically.

"Because you are weird and love weird foods?" He replied.

"Correcto, Avery," I said and went back to eating my dessert. 

"I actually agree with Brooks on this one," Corbyn chirped in. 

"Thank you!" I said, "See? At least someone is almost as cool as me."

"HEY! I backed you up on this one!" Corbyn stated.

"How about your best friend?" Isabella said. 

"Haha. Sure." She scoffed and I laughed. We eventually finish and Isabella and I head to the bathroom to wash our hands. We came back out and are greeted with smiling boys, again. 

"What now?" I said, smiling at them too. 

"What do you mean?" Daniel said.

"Well, you guys are smiling like dorks, so we know something's up," Isabella said.

"Can we tell them?" I heard Jonah whisper and Zach said 'Yes.'

"I wanna tell them!" Corbyn whisper-shouted into their group conversation.

"Just tell us!" Isabella and I said as everyone started to get up. 

"Ok. What would you say if we told you......." Corbyn started slowly. 

"That you guys can move in with us!" Zach said, cutting Corbyn off. 

"WHA-I WANTED TO TELL HIM THAT," Corbyn yelled and then chased Zach. We got in the car and Isabella and I still had shocked expressions. 

When everyone was in the car, Jonah said, "Well? What do you say?" 

"I mean...I'd have to ask my parents first," I said.

"Well, could you call them now?" Jack asked.

"Sure," I said and I pulled out my phone. I heard a few rings before my mom picked up. 

"Hey, Mom!" I said.

"Oh my goodness! Hi!" 

"So...I have a question for you..." I started. 


"Can I move in with some friends at their house?" 

"Are they ok with it?"

"Yeah! They were actually the ones that asked me and Isabella to come."

"Wait...Let me ask your father."


"What are their names?"

"Umm... Zach, Corbyn, Jack, Daniel, and Jonah. Oh. And of course, Isabella might be coming too."

"So they're all boys? I mean besides Isabella."


"I don't know if I'm ok with this...."

"Please, Mom! Pretty pleaseee? This means soooooo much to me."

"Fine. But ONLY if Isabella comes too." 

"Yay! She's calling her parents right now." 

"Ok. Text me her parents' response." 

"Yes! Thanks SOOOO much Mom! Bye!" 

"Bye, honey! Stay safe! I love you!" 

"I love you too, Mom!" I ended the call and looked to Isabella, who is still asking her parents. Jonah was driving to the house and we were halfway there. All the other boys listened to our calls with our parents. Isabella finishes the call and her parents let her stay too! I immediately text my mom saying that Isabella's parents let her stay with the boys too. My mom then tells me it's ok to stay then. 

"My parents let me!" Isabella said, cheering and the boys cheered too.

"My parents too! Woo!!" I said, and we all cheered. 

"OK! Quiet down before you guys get us killed!" Jonah said and we stopped cheering. We arrived at the boys' house and we got out quickly. Isabella and I jumped around and squealed. We were so excited. 

"When are we moving?" I asked them. 

"How about you guys start in an hour? I'll drive you guys there and you guys can stay there until you finish packing up?" Jonah asked.

"Sure." We just played Twister and then just went on our phones. Time flew by and it was already 2. Isabella and I said 'goodbye' to the boys and went with Jonah.

"When do you think you guys will finish?" Jonah said, starting the car.

"Maybe in a day or two?" Isabella said.

"Alright. Just call or text any of us and we'll help you guys move into our house."

"Thanks so much Jonah!" I told him, "I don't know what we'd do without you guys."

"Yeah. We'd probably be really chaotic and get kicked out of every store. Maybe. But, you guys are here, so that's an alternate reality and I wouldn't switch it for the world!" Isabella said.

"I couldn't agree more!" I said and Jonah smiled.

"It was all because of Zach and how he texted the wrong number." 

"Oh yeah!" I said, reminiscing to when Zach texted my number, "Wait. Who's Noah anyway?"


"Well. When Zach texted me, he told me a really bad pick up line, thinking I'm Noah," I explained.

"Oh. She's our friend," Jonah said. 

"Noah's a she?" I asked casually.

"Yeah. You guys have to meet her. She's awesome!" 

"Alright. We'll see," Isabella said. We arrived at our place and we thanked Jonah and said our 'goodbye's to him. We went in and went straight to our rooms. 

"Don't forget we have to pack really fast," Isabella said.

"Yeah. I won't forget." I walked in and just laid on my bed. 

Oh, how I've missed 'Me Time.' But it's also really nice to have the boys around.

I sat up and decided to pack as much as I could. In the end, I packed 2 boxes before dozing off...........

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