Chapter 7-Bringing Her Home

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Brooklyn's POV
We arrived at the boys' place and I stared, shocked at the huge house as we opened the door. Right as we walked in, Daniel came towards us. He was holding a watermelon in his hand and was looking down at it, eating it. 

"Hey Zach, wanna play-" He said, but he looked up and saw me. I smiled at him and waved, "Wait.... you're not Zach..."

The rest of the boys came over, curious. 

"What do you-" Jack started and then quickly realized I was there and it all made sense to him.

"Who?" Corbyn said as he ran over with Jonah.

"Zach brought home a girl!!" Daniel screamed as Zach and I were blushing. The boys were cheering and laughed afterward. 

"Hey girl," Jack said as he put an arm on the wall. 

Zach stepped in front of me and said, "Nope. Get away from her," and with that, all the boys were 'oooh' ing.

"MY PLAN WORKED! HE'S GETTING DEFENSIVE!" Jack screamed. I started to laugh and all the other boys did too. 

"NO! It's not like that! She's just a friend! I was just thinking that she was overwhelmed and uh might've fainted!" Zach exclaimed. I have to admit, my heart did drop when he said that, but again, it's true. We just met too.

"Oh really?" Daniel said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Ok, ok. Enough of that. I'm Jonah," He said as he extended his hand for me to shake.

I shook it and said, "I'm Brooklyn Hart and I know all of you guys. I'm a fan!"

"Finally. Someone has manners," Zach said. 

"A fan has come to see me?" Corbyn said in a British accent.

"Oh, God," Zach said. 

"BOW DOWN TO YOUR KING!" Corbyn exclaimed, ignoring Zach.

"No," I simply said and he gasped, putting his hand on his chest.

"Knights! Take her away!" He ordered the boys. I just looked at them with an evil eye and a smirk, one that says 'don't even try.' 

"Bow down to me! Or else..." I said and they all bowed down except Corbyn.

"I will not listen to this peasant girl!" He said, but I just gave him the look but I squinted my eyes a little and he shrieked and bowed down. I started to laugh as the boys got up and laughed too.

"Great role play, boys. But next time, don't even try to seize me or I will kick you in the shins," I said, and the boys started to back up, surprised, "Just kidding," I reassured them, "or am I?" Which made them laugh.

"Care to come in?" Daniel asked and I nodded. We all came in and then Jack asked why Zach decided to bring me home.

"Well you see.... she couldn't get enough of me, so I asked if she wanted to stay here for awhile and she agreed."

"Did not! It was more like the other way around!" I defended myself. 

"Mmhmm. Sure. Let's just go with that for now. But soon enough, you'll get Zach fever," He said. I just pretended to not hear him and started talking to the boys, getting to know them.

~~~~~~~~~ (a few hours later)~~~~~~~~

"Well it's getting late and I should get going," I said as I was getting up. The boys said bye and as I was reaching the door, I had an idea.

"WE SHOULD HAVE A SLEEPOVER!" I shouted out of nowhere, "I mean if you guys are ok with it?"

They all agreed and I told them that I was going to get ready and I'd come right back. So I headed home to get ready.

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