Chapter 27 - When Best Friends Unite

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I got to the park and spotted Isabella. I immediately got off and ran to her. We practically crashed to the ground. We hugged each other so tight. 

"I missed you soooo much even if it was just a few hours," Isabella said.

"Me too!" I said, laughing. We eventually got situated on a park bench. I started to tell her what happened because I couldn't keep it to myself. 

"So the summary is this......An anonymous person texted me, telling me that I had to stay away from the boys and practically move out. I did so and here we are," I explained. 

"Why did you do it?" Isabella asked.

"They threatened that I either move out or the boys get it," I said. 

"You're such a good friend," Isabella said, "But how do you know that they are legit?"

"I don't. I just don't want to take chances. I mean, I just have to avoid them and they don't get hurt," I said, "I don't want the boys to end up hurt because of me."

"Well, at least contact the police."

"I don't really want the police to get involved though, anyways it might be too much of a drastic measure....."

"The boys are having a really rough time right now, you know...." Isabella brought up.

"I know, I am too, but I have to stay strong and they need to forget me," I said, tearing up when I said they should forget me. 

It hurts just to say they'll forget me. 

"But they won't forget you. They can't. Especially Zach."

"You're just saying that. They can forget me. And Zach probably is texting a girl right now, getting over me, if he even liked me." 

"Oh. My. Gosh. You two should see by now that you both like each other. But now Zach can't even see you right now. God. They all can't see you anymore."

"I know Isabella. And it hurts me too. So much. But again, I'll get into trouble," I said, I was getting desperate. 

"Screw that person! You have to come home." 

"Just. Give me time please Isabella," I said, looking down.

She sighed and whispered, "I understand." We said goodbye and I headed to the hotel. When I got back, I got a text from Izzy.


Izzy: Oh. Btw. What's ur hotel and ur number?

Brook: Why? Ur not inviting the boys are you?

Izzy: No! srsly u have my word


Izzy: OK 

Brook: Mariott Hotel on Bross Street. Rm 208

Izzy: Ok. Thx so much!

Brook: Welcome?


I really hope they don't come or else I will be in big trouble if they know. I washed up and got ready for bed. I got in the bed thought about how big the world is and how little I am compared to it. Then, I thought about the boys and Isabella. I missed them so much, even if I just saw Isabella and it's been several hours since I saw the boys. 

I miss them so much. 

I kept telling myself this and that the boys need to know what happened. 

I'll tell them in like 2 days, maybe. 

I thought as I fell asleep, into the Dream World.

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