Chapter 20 - Meeting Up With Someone New

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"Haha. You got me good, Hart," Zach said when we all banded together in the living room. 

"Oh yeah, I did," I said, "That reminds me, why are you guys here anyway? I thought you guys were going home?" 

"Like we said earlier, we missed you guys too much," Corbyn said.

"Aww..." Isabella and I said.

"So much so, so that you guys broke into our house?" Isabella asked. 

"Yup!" Jonah said.

"You guys are too much," I said and we all laughed. 

"How'd you guys know it was us?" Jack asked.

"Well, after the crash, I went to go investigate when I heard some familiar voices," I said, "And Isabella tagged along too."

"After someone crashed...AHEM," Corbyn said.

"Hey! It's not my fault I wanted to sneak in or blow our cover!" Zach said.

"Yeah. Sure. You didn't want to sneak in to see someone," Jack said and Zach and I blushed. 

"Ahem. So what do you guys want to do?" Isabella asked, saving the awkwardness. 

"Hey, you guys want to get kicked out of a store?" I asked. 

"Umm...sure?" Corbyn answered. 

"Wait! I have the perfect person to help out," Isabella said. She took her phone and called someone. I don't know who she was talking about though.

"Hey! Do you want to get kicked out of a store with us?" Isabella said and waited. But she didn't have to wait long, "Okay. We'll pick you up in 10 minutes-ish. See ya."

"Who was that?" I asked.

"You'll see," Isabella said, "C'mon. Let's go pick her up." We walked out the door and got in two cars (A/N bare with me here). Isabella and I got in one car and the boys got in the other car. 

Zach's POV

In the car with the boys, everyone is talking except Jonah and me. Well obviously Jonah is driving so he can't. But I don't know what's up with me. I'm just not in the mood right now. 

"Is Zachy sad he doesn't have his girlfriend anymore?" Jack asked in a baby voice.

"Shut up!" I said, laughing a little. I hit him playfully and went back to looking out the window. 

"Hey, tell you what. Let's play a round of Truth or Dare! BUT! This is only for Zach," Daniel said, "Zach would have to pick Truth or Dare from the 4 of us. Ready? I'll go first. Truth or Dare?" 


"Tell us the truth if you like Brooklyn."

"Really? C'mon. Do I have to answer this?" 

"Well, we already know the answer, but we need confirmation," Corbyn said. 

"Fine. I do," I said, giving in, "BUT DON'T TELL HER OR ISABELLA."

"Fine," Daniel said. 

"My turn! Truth or Dare?" Corbyn asked.

"Dare. Wait no-"

"I dare you to not talk to Brooklyn for 3 hours."

"WHA- WHAT! This is why no one should pick dare when it comes to Corbyn," Zach said, crossing his arms. 

"You still have to do the-"

"I KNOW! And I'll TRY, but I probably can't do it," Zach said. 

"And you also can't tell her this was all a dare," Corbyn added.

"UGH! You guys are so mean! She's going to think I hate her or something!" Zach complained.

"I don' think so," Jonah said, "Just tell her after and she'll be fine. I think."

"You think?" Zach asked, "You know what? I'm done. Thanks for the game guys." 

Brooklyn's POV

Isabella was driving since she knew where this person's meet up spot or house was, whichever one it was. We were laughing most of the time there. We arrived at a very, very familiar house and the boys were behind us, parking on the curb. We walked to the doorstep while the boys waited behind us. The door opened to reveal Peyton. Peyton was mine and Isabella's best friend from a little while back! We coincidentally bumped into her at Starbucks once and we started talking again. Then, there was a short break, which was when we met the boys. 

"Peyton! I haven't seen you in awhile! How's it going?" I asked, hugging her. 

"I'm good! You guys?" She asked.

"We're great! We just met some friends, recently," Isabella said.

"These are the Why Don't We boys," I said. 

"Hi! I'm Jack."

"I'm Daniel."

"I'm Zach."

"I'm Jonah."

"And I'm Corbyn, the best looking one in the group," He said and we all laughed, "Just kidding."

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