Chapter 33 - 'Just To See You Smile' Was What I Was 'Made For'

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Zach's POV

Brooklyn fell asleep upstairs so I thought this is the perfect time to go over something I had been thinking about ever since she came back.

"Guys...." I said nervously.


"What's up bro?" 


"Why do you look so nervous?" Jonah asked.


"Just take a deep breath, Zach," Corbyn reassured. I took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Ok. So ever since Brooklyn left, it gave me time to think about all the good times we've had together. The good times we've all shared." Everyone nodded and agreed.

"It also gave me time to think about how special she was in my life and how much I really liked her. I didn't think it was this bad. So ever since she came back, I thought about asking if she would be my girlfriend..." I finally got out. The boys looked surprised and excited at the same time.

"So...Can you guys help me?" 

"Of course we'll help you!" Daniel said. 

"Thank you guys so much..." I said with a sigh of relief, "Ok....Here's the plan...."

Brooklyn's POV

I took off my blindfold and I was right on the outside of a cove. I looked inside and I saw the boys standing behind Zach. Daniel was playing the guitar and the boys were harmonizing. Then, they went into the song, Made For and then Just To See You Smile. It was the cutest thing ever. My heart melted and the whole time, my eyes were on Zach's. 

When they finished, Jack took something that was behind them the whole time that I didn't notice. He passed the object to Zach who turned around and now I noticed what it was: a red rose. He walked toward me and stood in front of me, holding the red rose.

"Brooklyn Hart, you had my heart since day 1. You are kind, considerate, you didn't want your friends to be hurt so you left, even if you knew it would hurt you a lot, you are so many more things that I could go on and on, but we are on limited time," He said. I starting to get a tears in my eyes.

 "I knew you were a very important part of my life, but when you left, it got to me that you were very important. I can't imagine any day without you in my life. I can't imagine living my life without you, so with that said, will you, Brooklyn Hart, be my girlfriend?" He asked. I was so shocked. A tear escaped and slid down my cheek.

"Yes......Yes...I would love to.." I said. The boys let go of their breath that they were holding and he handed me the rose. I looked up at him and we leaned in... We separated and everyone applauded. 

"And now they fit," Zach said, interlocking our hands together. 

I giggled and then said to Zach, "Yes they do......wait.....what did you mean by limited time?" 

" do want to play in the ocean right?" 

"Is that even a question?" I asked and ran toward the ocean. I took my bag first and took off my dress. I tried to find a good spot and then plopped my bag down. I rushed toward the water and just jumped in. A minute later, everyone else joined in. We were splashing around. Jonah, Daniel, and Jack were building a sandcastle. Zach, Jonah, Isabella and I were left in the water. We were just having fun and swimming under the surface, jumping above waves, and having water fights. It was the best time to be alive. 

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