Chapter 12-21 Questions

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Zach turned on his flashlight from his phone, "AH! TOO BRIGHT!" I screamed and swatted at his phone. He shone it at the floor instead and I was immediately relieved. Zach and I were chatting and joking away and then finally, the car jerked, which I'm going to guess that it stopped. I fell to the side of the car trunk that caused a loud thud. 



"Are we there yet at least?" I asked them.

"Yeah," Jonah said, opening the trunk. I got out and stretched.

"Ahhhh... fresh air," I said.

"Hey I got another pickup line," Zach said.

"Alright. Let's see if Mr. Herron has improved his pick up skills," I replied.

"Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see," He said then started to laugh.

"That's hilarious. Mind if I use it?" Corbyn asked.

"That's fine," Zach replied, "Anyway, was it ok?"

"Your skills are... how do I say this nicely.... horrible," I said and his face showed a hint of disappointment as we were walking towards the beach, "but it's improved," I said and I could tell he perked back up.

We found a good spot and we all took our clothes off and then Daniel said, "The last one in the water is a slowpoke!" And we all ran to the water.

"Haha! Jack, you're a slowpoke!" Jonah said.

"Am not! I tripped on a rock on the way here," He said. But no one responded after that because we started to splash each other. Everyone was surprised when they felt the cold water on their bodies.

"EEK!" Everyone shrieked. But in the end, everyone got used to the water. We played until I couldn't feel my hands anymore. We ran up to our place in the sand and we got dried up. Some fans recognized the boys and took some pictures with them. One of them gave me and Isabella a dirty look but we just brushed it off and continued talking. 

After the fans finished taking pictures with the boys, we decided we would head to get some lunch. 

~~Skip lunch~~

We headed back towards our car as we talked. We had the same seats again, Zach and I in the trunk while Jonah drove and everyone else was in the car as well. Zach and I were talking and joking around in the trunk when I had an idea. 

"Hey, Zach," I said.


"You up for ice cream?" 

"Yes!" He answered.

"Guys! Can we get ice cream?" I shouted and I heard everyone get excited. 

Guess we're getting ice cream.

"Want to play 21 Questions?" Zach asked.


"Alright. I'll start," Zach said, "Do you have any siblings?" 

"Yeah. I have one. My younger sister in San Fransisco," I replied, "Ok my turn. Umm... if you have none of your friends around, do you act differently?"

"Um.. Yeah. I become really shy and quiet, knowing there is no one I could talk to," He said, "How about you?"

"Yeah, I agree with you. I become awkward, shy, and quiet," I said.

"I'm sure you're not awkward when you have no friends around...." Zach said.

"Well did you see me when I met you?" I asked him.

"You weren't awkward! You were nice to be around, thoughtful, and cute-I mean...umm...... Nevermind about that last part.." Zach said, rubbing his neck. 

"Aww!!!" We heard everyone from the other side yell. 

"You guys are eavesdropping aren't you?" I asked and they all said 'yes.' I started to blush and so did he. 

I grabbed my phone and yelled, "But first lemme take a selfie!" Before taking a selfie with Zach. We took several selfies-silly ones, basic ones, and cute ones. 

"Send them to me!" Zach said. 

"K," I said, already on the job. I sent the pictures to Zach.

"We're here!" Jonah yelled. 

"Ice cream!!!" I yelled excitedly and bumped my head on the car's trunk, "Owwww...." I groaned and everyone laughed at me. Jonah opened the trunk and we got out.

"Are you ok?" Jack asked, still laughing. 

"At least someone cares.." I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes playfully. We walked in and Isabella and I got mint chocolate chip. Corbyn and Daniel got vanilla, classic Corbyn, Jonah and Jack got chocolate, and Zach got strawberry.


I'M SO SRY I POSTED SO LATE. But here's a chapter for ya. K peace and thx for reading! 

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