2 Years Later...

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2 Years Later...

It had been exactly 2 years since Zach and I got together. Last year, for our anniversary, we went to that park we met. All the memories flooded back to me when we arrived. We had a picnic there like the year before and then we went to the beach. We walked the pier and it was very relaxing and chill. I'm not sure what we'll do this year. 

Zach walked into my bedroom. 

"Hey babe, you ready?" He asked.

"Yeah...I'm curious as to what we'll do this year, though," I said.

"Well that's for you to figure out," He said. We were out the door by now and in the car. He handed me some blindfolds and I put them on. I was asking so many questions, but Zach resisted telling me anything. After a 30 minute drive, we arrived. He got out of the car and I waited for him to reach this side of the car. He took my hand and I hopped out of the car. Zach told me to put my arms around his neck and jump. 

"But why do you need to carry me?" I asked.

"Because if you walk, it'll spoil where we're at."


He walked a little bit and then put me down. 

"You can take off your blindfolds now," Zach told me. I took off my blindfolds and I squinted a little bit because of the sunlight. Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized that we were in a cave. I looked to the outside of the cave, it was the ocean. I looked toward the entrance of the cave and the boys and Isabella were there. It was all my best friends. I looked back at Zach and he looked at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes. He held my hands in his.

"Brooklyn, ever since I met you at the park, I started going crazy for you, I thought about you all the time. I was completely head-over-heels for you. But when the right time came for you to become mine, I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait for you to be mine. When I escorted you to your first day of 10th grade, I told you that I wanted you to be in my future, no, I needed you to be in my future. I kept my word. When I sent you those roses when you came home, I meant what I said. I will always love you. I want to keep my word," Zach said, getting on his knees, "So, Brooklyn Hart, will you marry me?" 

I was astounded and happy. I started to tear up but I nodded my head, "Yes, Zachary, I will."

Everyone started cheering and he put the beautiful ring on my finger. He swooped me up and kissed me. I started to cry.

"I love you, Zachary Herron, and I will always love you," I said.

"As will I, Brooklyn Hart."

I ran to my friends and showed them the ring. They all started to hug me and congratulate me. Some of the boys ran to Zach and congratulated him too. 

I'm so lucky to have this family here. I'm so lucky to have replied to that wrong number.


I decided to make a little chapter and end it the right way... ;)

Hope you loved it! 


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