Chapter 8-Besties, Ice Cream, and Games

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I got home to prepare and found myself starting to smile. I decided to make a group chat with the boys. 

Group chat:

Brooklyn: Is it ok if I invite my friend too? 

Zach: Sure.

Jonah: Yeah

Daniel: Sure

Jack: Sure. Is she cute? 

Corbyn: JACK!


Brooklyn:  😂 U guys are idiots

Zach: The cute kind of idiot?

Brooklyn: Nope. The weird kind of idiot

Brooklyn: OFF TOPIC. 

Brooklyn: So....I'm going to invite my friend

Jonah: So I'll drive, Zach and Jack can come too and u and ur friend will come too?

Brooklyn: yeah

Brooklyn: Can we get ice cream when you pick us up?

Jonah: Yeah

Corbyn: Can you get me mint chocolate chip flavor? thx

Daniel: Me too! Thx!

Jack: kk

Daniel: Alright. See ya in a bit

Brooklyn: Bye

I put my phone down and then took a shower. I put my hair in a messy bun and dressed casually. I called Isabella to ask her if she wanted to come and she agreed, surprisingly. She arrived at my house and I let her in. 

As I was filling her in on what happened today, I got a text from Jonah saying that he was outside. I headed outside with Isabella next to me. I sat in the middle with Zach on my left and Isabella on my right. Jack sat in the passenger seat and Jonah was driving. 

"Hey, guys!" I said.

"Hi!" Zach, Jack, and Jonah said in unison. 

"This is my best friend, Isabella," I said, introducing Isabella to them. They all said 'hi' to her and we drove to get some ice cream. We ended up getting 3 buckets of ice cream. Mine and Isabella's were chocolate flavored. Zach's and Jack's was vanilla flavored. Jonah's, Corbyn's and Daniel's was mint chocolate chipped flavored. We paid for the ice cream and left. As we got to their house, Isabella looked out the window, shocked at the house. As soon as we opened the door, I could hear Daniel and Corbyn running over to get to the door. 

"ICE CREAM!" Corbyn shouted.

"BROOKLYN!" Daniel shouted. They rushed over and Isabella and I started to laugh at them.

"I'm hurt Corbyn! Ice cream over me?" I said, with my hand over my heart. 

"Food first, Brooklyn last!" He said and I chased after him and the boys and Isabella laughed at us. 

I cornered Corbyn behind a chair and the boys walked in with Isabella and the ice cream. 

"Let's start this sleepover!!!!" Jack shouted. 

"You're lucky I want some ice cream too," I told Corbyn then I walked where the ice cream was at and grabbed a spoon and began to eat. 

"Wait. Where is Isabella and I supposed to sleep? Have you even thought this through?" I asked Zach.

"Hmm... You could sleep in the guest room and Isabella could sleep in the other one," He replied and I shrugged. 

We started the night off with a movie and eating the ice cream. Then we, went on our phones until, 20 minutes later, I had an idea. 

"TRUTH OR DARE!" I screamed and everyone jumped.

"Jeez, woman, shush," Jack said.

"No thanks," I said. I sat down and everyone sat down in a circle, "Who's going to start?"

"I wanna start!" Corbyn shouted, raising his hand, "Jonah, Truth or dare."


"I dare you to pull down your pants!" 

"What? NO!" Jonah shouted. 

"You HAVE to. You picked dare," Zach said. 

"Ugh...Fine," Jonah said. He pulled down his pants and revealed a pair of teal boxers with bananas on them, but he quickly pulled up his pants and put it on. 

"BANANAS B-A-N-A-N-A-S BA-" I started to sing, but then Jonah put his hand on my mouth and I licked his hand. 

"EW!" He withdrew his hand and wiped it on Daniel and Daniel shrieked.

"WAIT...EW!" I quickly wiped my tongue too and everyone laughed at us, "You have no idea where that's been!"

"Hey! I'm hygienic!" Jonah said in defense. 

"Ok. Ok. Jack. Truth or Dare?" Jonah asked.


"Tell me the truth if you have ever kissed a girl on the lips besides your family," Jonah said with a smirk.

Jack started to blush as he said, "No." We all burst out laughing as Jack started to sit there, embarrassed and with his head in his hands, "Stop it!" He said and we calmed down a little afterward.

"Daniel. Truth or Dare?" Jack asked.

"Dare," Daniel said. "

"I dare you to jump over the pool," Jack said. 

"That's lame!" Zach shouted.

"It was all I could come up with so..." Jack shrugged. 

"I'm probably going to fall in, so...let's get this over with," Daniel said, getting up. We walked outside to reveal the city below us. It was one of those nights that you could just sit in the crisp air and just watch the stars above. The pool was lit up and you could see the reflection of the moon in the pool. Jack counted to 3 and Daniel got a running headstart and landed on the other side. 

"YES!" Daniel said. 

"NO!" Jack said at the same time. 

"Oh well, we'll get him next time. Anyways, let's keep going with the game," I said and we headed in. 

"Truth or Dare, Isabella?" Daniel said, facing Isabella.


"LAME!" I quickly shouted and Isabella rolled her eyes with a smile on her face.

"Tell me the truth if you've ever stalked any of our Instagram accounts," Daniel said, smirking.

"Well.....Yeah...." She said and everyone burst out with 'oh's.

"BUT. Let me explain. I wanted to see if Zach was really a bad person because I wouldn't let my best friend get kidnapped by a weird old man."

"Aww...You're a great best friend," I said.

"WAIT WHAT!?" Zach said and we all started to laugh, Zach as well. 

"Haha. Ok. Umm.....Brooklyn. Truth or Dare?" Isabella asked me.

"Dare," I said, putting my brave face on. 

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