Chapter 21 - Walmart Trouble

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We got in the cars, me, Isabella, and Peyton are in one car and the boys in another. 

We just sat in an awkward silence until Peyton said, "So which store are we going to get kicked out of?" 

"Walmart?" I ask.

"Sure," Isabella says. She opens up the window and looks back to the boys. Jonah rolls up his window too, "Walmart?"

"Sure," He says as he rolls his window back up. We head out to Walmart and get there soon. 

We park and coincidentally, the boys park next to us too. We greet them and head inside.

"How are we going to do this?" Daniel asked, "I'm just an innocent child!"

"Well, no offense, but you guys are noobs at this, which is why I brought Peyton along. She's a pro at this stuff," Isabella said.

"Yup! So let's start!" She said. We walked to the area with the display rooms that look just like a room, "So first, we're going to make a fort," Peyton said, grabbing some pillows and anything we could. We started to build a fort with the things we could get our hands on. We started to then get inside the fort and once the last person got in, it fell apart. 

"Come on! Jonah!" Peyton scolded.

"It's not MY fault I'm so tall!" Jonah defended himself.

"Maybe it is!" Isabella said.

"Yeah, Jonah!" I said. 

"Why did you do that?!" Zach blamed him. 

"I don't kno-Yeah because I didn't want to go in," Jonah said sarcastically.

"Well, let's make use of this," Peyton said, picking up some of the fort's material. She started to throw it at Daniel and then it turned out to be a fight. I saw three security guards come toward us and was frightened, but then I thought This is what we came here to do. I threw it at one of the security guards and Peyton started to as well. 

"M'am you need to step outside," One of them said. 

"Only if you could carry me outside because I'm not moving," Peyton said. 

"Me too," I said.

"Me three," Isabella said.

"We don't really care," Jonah said, speaking for his friends. Isabella, Peyton, and I sat down on the floor with our arms crossed. The security carried us out and Jonah, Zach, Jack, Daniel, and Corbyn followed them. 

"We'll take care of them from here," Jonah said. 

"Hmph," One of the security guards said and they all left. 

"You better carry us to the car," I said.

"Choose your ride!" Isabella said, "I choose JoJo!" 

"I choose Zach!" I said.

"I choose Dani Boi and Noodlehead!" Peyton said.

"You need two?" Isabella asked while she was piggybacking on Jonah.

"I'm just that heavy," She shrugged.

"Then I want Bean!" I said. 

"No! Back off, Bean, I'm man enough to do this!" Zach said, bending down for me to piggyback onto him. 

"Ok! Ok!" Corbyn said, backing off.

"Are you sure, Zach? I'm heavy ya know?" I asked, jumping on.

"Are you kidding me? You're as light as a feather!" Zach said.

"Sureee," I said hugging him and laying my head on his back. I close my eyes as Zach walked back to our car.

"We're here, Princess," He said. Just hearing him say that almost gave me shivers down my spine. 

I hopped off and got in the car.

"Bye, guys! See you at the house," I said and the girls waved bye as well. We got to the boys' house and we just hung out for the rest of the night with Peyton.

"Hey, guys! Since it's getting late, can we have a sleepover with Peyton?" Isabella asked.

"Well, it's more like can Peyton have a sleepover with us but I'm down with it if Peyton's down too," Jonah replied.

"Sure! It'll be fun!" Peyton said. 

"Yay! What could be do first?" I asked.

"Well....we could play our traditional game we always play at sleepovers..." Jack said.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" We all shouted at the same time, except Peyton, of course. She just looked confused.


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