Chapter 23 - The Unknown Number

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"I can't believe you!" I yelled, by now, everyone else got to the closet and was wondering what I was shouting about, "You played The Game of Life without me?!"

"Yeah. Unless you thought we were going to do something else?" Isabella said.

"I thought you were going to bond or something!" I yelled. 

"Well.... we-RUN!" Isabella yelled and ran to Jonah's room, just like Zach and I did when Isabella was getting mad we didn't kiss. 

We let them get away on purpose.

"So...Let's get Chipotle?" I asked. 

"YES!" Zach said and ran out the door. The rest of us agreed and just left the two at home. Before we left, I grabbed a sticky note and wrote 'Out. We'll be back.' I then ran outside and got in the car. Since there was 6 people, sat on Peyton's lap. When I realized who was driving, I groaned.

"Who in their RIGHT MIND would let ZACH DRIVE THE CAR," I said. 

"No one. I just decided to work on my driving skills."

"BUT NOW!?" I was NOT going to die today, because of Zach's poor driving skills, "I'm sorry, I'm not dying today." I got off the car and Zach rolled his window down. 

"We're leaving you then. My Chipotle is waiting for me," He said and I sighed.

"FINE! Whatever," and I sat back inside. It was a very scary time for me and I really couldn't relax in my seat. When we got there, I sighed a huge breath of relief. 

"YES! I DIDN'T DIE TODAY. CORBYN'S DRIVING BACK," I said. We ordered our food and everyone immediately went on their phones. 

"Ahem," I said since I was the only one not on my phone, "Can we not enjoy our meal together? Like a family of friends?"

"Fine," Jack said and everyone put down their phone. We just sat there in awkward silence and then we all went on our phones again. 

"Ugh. Why does no one listen to me?" I asked.

"Because," Zach said. I went on my phone too when I got a really weird text message. It said:


Unknown: Stay away from the boys or else....

Brooklyn: Who is this?

Unknown: No one important if you listen

Brooklyn: What if I don't?

Unknown: Then you will regret never listening to me

Brooklyn: Oh yeah?

Unknown: The boys will pay for your disobedience

Unknown: And if you're smart, you won't tell the boys

Brooklyn: Who is this?!

Brooklyn: Hello?


The food got to our table and we all put down our phones. I was still thinking about the text message the whole time, so I didn't eat as much. 

"Aren't you hungry?" Zach asked. I, or my mind, wasn't really down on Earth at this point, my mind was wandering somewhere in space. I was thinking about all the possibilities of who it may be and what could happen.

"Hello? Earth to Brooks?" Corbyn said, disrupting my thoughts. 

"Huh? Oh. Sorry, what did you say?" I said to Zach.

"I said-you know what, are you ok?"

"...Yeah, why?" I asked. 

"Well you seem very out of it," Daniel said.

"And, you haven't eaten most of your food," Zach said.

"While Zach here is munching down his Chipotle," Jack said. 

"You're not helping!" Zach whispered to Jack.

I just looked at Zach and said, "I'm just not very hungry." I could see the worry in Zach's eyes. 

"Are you sure?" He asked.


He sighed and gave up, "Okay then." We finished up our dinner and Daniel ordered some food to-go for Jonah and Isabella. 

"Thank you," He said when we got the food. We left and Corbyn drove. Zach didn't give a fight at all. He just sat in the back, next to me. Peyton sat in the back as well, on Daniel. Jack sat in the front. 

On the way home, and yes, I now consider the WDW house, my home now too. But I think I might have to reconsider when I got the text. On the way home, I sat in silence. Everyone else was joking around and laughing, but I wasn't in the mood. I think Zach noticed and he immediately brought me closer to him. We stayed like that until we got home.

When we got to the house, I just immediately went to their backyard. I sat on the grass and laid back while watching the sunset. It was beautiful. It seemed like forever. I couldn't get enough. Maybe because I don't want to go back to the truth, the truth that someone wants me gone from the boys' lives. If I don't the boys will pay for me not leaving their lives. If I don't leave, 5 lives will have to pay for one person's punishment. I didn't want the boys to take my punishment. My vision started to blur and tears started to flow. 

What do I do?

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