Chapter 31 - Bad Dreams

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I got to the hotel and I already got a text from Zach:


Zach-When are you going to move back into the house

Brooklyn-Idk maybe soon. Irdk

Brooklyn-We'll see

Zach-We miss you though

Zach-They all look so depressed and so tired

Brooklyn- I'll see what I can do. 


Then I got another text:


Unknown-So now you know who I am

Brooklyn-Yea, your name is Chloe and you were kissing Zach


Chloe-And I still advise you to stay away from the boys...

Brooklyn-What if I don't?

Chloe-There are still consequences.



And with that, I blocked her. I flopped on the bed and thought about when I should move into their house. 

Maybe tomorrow. I can surprise them tomorrow.

I thought. I nodded to myself, satisfied. I started to pack my items since not much of my things were out of their bags. When I was done, I took a shower and then got into some shorts and a baggy sweatshirt. I climbed into the bed and dreamt. 

I dreamt of the boys. How sweet and kind they all were. It felt as though I was reminiscing. It was amazing, but also horrible. 

I just left them like that, I thought. But it was for a good cause, my good side of me thought, it was to protect them. 

Then, an image popped up that I had just left them. Then, the boys started to talk about me, how I just left them. More importantly, how I left Zach. This wasn't the good kind of talking about me too. They started to post rumors about me on their social medias. I started to get hate. I was reading it all on my phone. I started to cry and then run into the bathroom. I looked at all their posts and it was horrible. I looked at a razor and took it. I put it up to my arm as I was weeping the whole time with the posts still on my phone. 

I was sweating and crying a little bit when I woke up. I just laid there, just staring. 

It was just a dream. Just a dream. 

I calmed down a little bit after 15 minutes and could never fall back asleep. I checked my phone as its bright, white lights blinded me. It was 4:15 AM. I decided to call Isabella, hoping that calling her wouldn't be rude. After a few rings, someone answered.

"Hello?" A tired voice said.



"Sorry...Am I bothering you?" 

"No! No, not at all. Why? What's wrong?"

"Can I come over? Bad dream."

"Sure! I'm pretty sure you can sleep in my bed with me. Just try not to make any noise. The boys are sleeping on the couch, I think. They were watching a movie or a game or something like that and had all fallen asleep there."

"Okay. I'll just text you when I'm outside the door, or at least near the house."

"K. Bye."

"Bye." I hung up and took all of my luggage with me. 

Let's surprise the boys in the morning. 

I ordered an Uber and it arrived 10 minutes later. I sent the address and we were off. We arrived at the house about 15 minutes later. I texted Isabella when I was outside the door. She opened it a minute later. 

"Hi! I'm so sorry I intruded so late at night," I whispered. 

"Seriously it's fine. You're my best friend and so are these boys. They'll always allow you to come here."

"Thank you," I said and she looked at what was in my hand.

"Is.....that....what I think it is?" She asked.

"Yup. I'm moving in again. I thought I was ready to come back," I explained. She squealed when she remembered she had to be silent. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand while I shushed her.

"Isabella?" I heard a raspy voice say. 

"Yes, Zach? I'm right here it's okay."

"Who's at the door?" He asked.

"Hi, Zach," I softly said.


"Hey," I said, but I already heard his footsteps. Then, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. 

"You're back," He said.

"Yeah. Bad dream," I replied.

"Want to comfort her, Zach?" Isabella asked. I could see Isabella smirk a little. 

"I would love to," He said and then I saw him smile. We finally pulled away from the hug and he finally noticed my luggage.

"Is that your stuff?"


"Are you moving in again?"

"Yeah." He pulled me in for another hug. 

"You haven't told me why you left yet," He whispered into my ear.

"I'll tell you right now," I said as we headed for my old room.


I told Zach why I had to leave and when he heard why, he seemed angry. I kept doing my thing, getting out some pajamas to sleep in. I asked him kindly to turn around so I could change and he respectfully turned around.

"Thanks, Herron. And don't think about taking a peek."

"I won't. I promise." I took his word for it and changed.

"Okay. I'm done now," He turned around and smiled, "What?"

"It's just're here now and I missed being around you. Especially this....." I looked at him and he walked toward me. He held my cheek and planted the softest kiss ever. It was, just like all his others, amazing. We finally separated and we climbed into bed. He took off his shirt and he cuddled me. It felt as though I could sleep forever like this........


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