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After that wet daydream during Professor Horan's lecture, I decided that I need a distraction.

Temporary, of course because, Y/LN will be under me; looking up at me with dark, lustful eyes.

I shiver at the thought. My sex drive is ridiculous at this point. So high, neither my hand or toys could help.

Though, I know what would. The monster in Y/LN's briefs.

God, I'm already clenching around nothing as I try to focus on the movie playing from of me.

Fifty Shades of Grey.

Hell, the movie's making me even more bothered. I squeeze my thighs together as Grey ties Anna up and pulls her own shirt over her eyes.

I want her to do that to me. And more.

She can have her way with me. Feel her at my womb; pounding me angrily. Calling me her slut. Spanking me; fucking me to a point where I'm sobbing in pleasure. Not letting up until I'm completely filled with her hot seed.

I want her hand wrapped around my throat. Her love bruises covering my neck. Her teeth pulling my lip roughly. Her hips snapping unapologetically, making me scream her name.

She can touch me anyway she wants. Turn me out. Make me sweat. Make me incoherent. I want to forget my name. To feel her for weeks. To clench around her dick like a vice.

Her sexy, throaty moans.

I want her to roughly push me against the wall. Hold my throat while she's deep in my passion. Make me soak the bed. Soak her.

Ooh, have her fuck me from behind. Grab my ass, claiming me with a low growl in her voice.

Fuck, I want that.

I want her.


My breathing goes ragged and the throbbing between my legs is almost unbearable. I bite my lip, whining slightly.

I've already relieved myself twice today, but God, my body's humming with want.

Crossing my legs, I pick up my phone. I go through my contacts, rubbing the palm of my hand against my thigh. I tap the name and brought it up to my ear.

I groan when the long ringing teases me.

After three long rings, a breathy, but smooth voice calls out, "Hello?" I bite my lip again, honestly anything could make me squirm right now.

"It's Lauren," I drop my voice, hinting my desires. She pauses a moment then says, "Are you-?"

"Yes. I need you so bad," I smirk when I hear her breath hitch. There was some rummaging before she says, "I'll be there in 5."

After two hours of our ongoing activities, she rinses her mouth out then drank a small cup of juice.

I slip on my black, silk robe, covering my nudity.

She then leaves out, going down the stairs quietly, then coming back up a little more noticeably.

Wanted to make it seem like she just got here and wanted to visit the woman of my wettest dreams.

I close my door, looking through the peephole. Y/N opens the door, smiling.

Oh, fuck. By her shiny skin, hair sticking to her forehead, and tight fitting Nike shirt, she was working out.

They share a kiss and I smile. How does my pussy taste?

The young teacher steps aside, letting her in. I catch her looking at Camila's ass as she walks in. She smacks it and my blood starts to boil. Though, the sexy lip bite calms me.

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