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I couldn't focus on the play. All of my attention remained on Y/N. She'd occasionally fuck me with her hungry eyes, making me want her all over again.

I went against touching myself today because I want my professor to do all the touching. I want to cum on her fingers first. Then her mouth. Then that glorious dick.

You may be thinking to yourself how much of a sex-crazed slut I am for my professor. If anything, she appreciates the fact I'm such a slut for her.

I finally find the strength to look away, nails digging into the armrests.

Twenty minutes go by and the actors get a standing ovation, Y/N and her son included. I stand as well, looking at the focus of my fantasies.

Y/N's dick was the best part of the show. She made me cum in seven fucking minutes. That's a fucking record.

She looks at me and I crack a seductive smile. She then mouths, "Tomorrow, you're mine." I nod submissively.

Ten minutes was not nearly enough for me and I know she feels the same.

The lights in the theater turn on and people began leaving. Y/N took her son's hand and led him out the other way. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't say anything to me, but I know where she lives, so I'm not too upset.

I leave out the other way, anticipating tomorrow night.

On my way to my car, our time in the bathroom replayed in my head. I'm not satiated whatsoever. If anything, I'm almost desperate enough to continuing in my car.

Her dick is my obsession; it's all I could ever think about. That's what I wanted all year. I finally get it, now I can't get enough.

When I got in, I rest my head on the steering wheel, trying to get my breathing back on track. As I'm calming down, my phone vibrates in the cup holder. I pick it up and see I had two messages.

The person that just texted me just now was Daddy herself.

Professor Daddy 🥵😫
      Something came up for tomorrow night so I'm coming over tonight
Hope you don't have plans

My smile grows at the thought of seeing her sooner than planned. I get to fuck her twice in one day.

I'm free tonight, daddy

The next text was from someone I almost wouldn't expect.

I feel like shit that I can't stop thinking about you and what you did to me

I smirk to myself, going to answer the girl first.

Come over

I can't deny that I've missed her. I love her girlfriend's dick, but she has the tastiest pussy I've ever had. I go back to my professor's messages to answer her.

I'll call you
I wanna be nice and ready for you Daddy 😉

I put my phone back in the cup holder and started for home.

She wasn't inside for two minutes before her shirt was off and we were on my bed with her on top of me. Our lips never disconnecting. My hands went up and down her sides while I bite and suck her bottom lip.

"Mm, hold on," I say, breaking the kiss. "What?" She asks, a bit breathless from the intensity of the make out.

"I've been thinking...," I trail off. "We can agree that your girlfriend is hot as fuck with magnificent dick."

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