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Oh, my fucking God.

I'm finally going to get what I've been craving since I first saw her.

Finally going to taste that skin, feel all of her, bite that lip and run my fingers through that hair. Her erection is pressed right above my bud. I try to move to get some type of friction, but she has me pinned good.

"Please," I whimper, looking into those dark, lustful eyes. She squints, glancing down at my lips, "Why should I, Miss Jauregui?" A strong tingle goes down my spine, causing me to buck against her desperately. "I-I want you so bad," I say, voice barely above a whisper.

She raises an eyebrow, face straight, "That does not answer my question." Oh, God, I just might cum by her voice alone. Her fingers continue to play at my waistband. I look down at our closeness, honestly about to go crazy if she doesn't fuck me in the next two seconds.

My eyes go back up to my professor and my breath got caught in my throat. The wild look in her eyes causes a small gush of wetness escape me. I can feel the heat running down my legs. I moan quietly, not breaking eye contact.

She smirks, "What? Now, you wanna shut up?" I lick my lips, biting my bottom. I can't answer, my words being stuck in every book I've read and every mouth I heard speak. Her face hardens and she slides her hand over my slightly damp abdomen, eyes still connected.

I bite down on my lip harder as she ever so slowly lets her soft hand enter my sweats. I gasp softly when she completely misses the spot I need her most and runs her fingers over my wet thigh. Her eyes widen slightly and she smiles, "You're a messy girl, I see." I nod submissively.

I watch in shock as she slowly pulls her hand away, bringing her fingers to my lips. "Open," I obey, closing my lips around her soaked digits. Her eyes are fixated on my mouth, so I swirl my tongue over her fingers teasingly. She kinks an eyebrow, pulling them out of my mouth.

She releases a deep breath, staring into my eyes with the sexiest look I've ever seen. Without another word, she begins pulling my bottoms down, descending with them.

I allow her to remove them from my ankles, too caught up in the strong possibility that I'd get to have her inside of me. Letting all of her juices go deep in my passion.

She looks up at me and my knees almost give out. She leans in, slowly licking up the trail of arousal on my inner thigh. I tilt my head back against the wall. Electrifying pleasure shooting directly to my core. I let out a soft moan, closing my eyes as I feel the warm, wet muscle clean up the mess I've made.

I look back down, gasping when I see that she's looking up at me. She squints, backing away slightly, but her tongue is barely touching where I need her the most. She teasingly taps it, causing me to jump up with a louder moan on my lips.

God, I just want her to pound me against this wall until we put a hole in it. She stands straight and I whine in protest, "Quiet," she demands.

I do as told. My chest heaving almost unnoticeably. She leans in, lips close to my ear. Her breath tickling my skin in the most satisfying way. "You've done this to yourself. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into, Miss Jauregui," she rasps out.

My words are caught in my throat when she presses her prominence on my nudity. "Look what you've done to me," her voice gets slightly harsher, and her hips thrusts against me.

"Fuck," I breathe out, dropping my head on her shoulder. She pulls away abruptly, making me stumble a bit. "No, please, I need you," I say helplessly. Her face hardens and she looks down at me.

"Not another word."

Holy fuck, I can feel myself dripping down my leg once more. I'm so close to jumping on her and riding her until my legs give out. "I should leave you like this," my eyes widen at that statement, but I know if I speak, I'll liken the chances of her doing just that.

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