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-Zain aka Zaddy aka LM's Jizz Target
-Zooted 😎🍃
-Zendaddy & Jade owns my ass!❤️‍🔥🍑
-Fuck Me w a Cupcake Mani🧁
-Litty Mix's #1 Slut😇
-Straight as a rainbow
-Short AF (5'3)
-Big Music Slut 🎶😩
-The Weeknd can get this diq 🤓
-Sexually Frustrated 25/8🥵😖
-I Do Art And Uh Gay Shit Like That🎨
-From My Momma's Pussy
-My dick got stuck in the ceiling fan...it hurt
-PANic at this disco 💖💛💙🕺🏽
-Fuck Me w a Fruit Snack Lauren
-You can suck mah dih😈
-All Ya Ladies Pop Ya Pussy Like This, Shake Ya Body Don't POOP, DON'T PISS🎶
-@jades_slut (IG)
-I'm Such A Hoe😭
-OG Memes For Days, Biyatch!
-J-Dog Can Like... Get All Of It🤤
-Fuck Me W/ A Bible Ally⛪️
-Camila's Ass 🍑
-Lauren's Eyes 👁
-I'm Landre's (Leigh and Andre) Child
-And Jadesy💜❤️
-And Pesy💙❤️
-And Lerrie 💚💙
-And Lesy 💚❤️
-And Jerrie💜💙
-Fuck Me W/ A Hospital Bed Zendaddy🏥
-Bring dat ass here, gUrL!😝
-Come And Get It, Perrie😏
-MiC LOWRY can have my light skinned babies👶
-I'm a muhfuckin' donut🍩
-Ooh, that sound good asab rn
-Fuck My Ass w a String Abel👅
-Always Horny For Some Reason 😏😖
-Lesbian Jesus Can, Not Only Get It, But Have It💦
-What the fuck?🤨
-Ugh, Fuck Me Jade😫
-2in FROM THE FUCKIN FLO'!! #LilDickGang🍆
-Eat Your Fucking Grits Bitch!!
-I Look Like A Trash Can
-And I Ain't Even Funny Fr😒
-Jesy, Please Take My Ass!🥵
-Virgo 9•3•98♍
-I came out at church⛪
-I Want Leigh-Anne In My Ass🍑
-CNCO Are My Baby Mommas🤰🏽
-Fuck me w a butter knife Ari Daddy
-*Moans Loudly In Gay*😫
-Get pleasure outta Life... choke her, fuck her, and make her your slut
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"I'm not saying I'm gonna, I'm saying I would."
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