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Her threats mean nothing to me. If anything, that made me want her even more. I'm not easy to shake off.

She can't stop me from getting what I want. I can be a very persuasive and manipulative bitch if I want to be.

I've been thinking of ways to bring her down. It'll be easy considering her girlfriend is cheating on her with me. Screaming my name when she climaxes.

I'd love to shove that information in her face, though, I much rather let her find out.

Then again-

"Yo, Lauren," I snap out of my thoughts by a voice. Immediately, I roll my eyes, "What the fuck do you want, Griffin?"

He puts a hand on his chest, obviously taken aback by my attitude. "Damn, I just wanna say what's up," I roll my eyes again, "I don't care, leave me the fuck alone."

He furrows his eyebrows, "Lauren, you a'ight? You're in a pissier mood than last time." I groan under my breath, running a hand through my hair.

I look back up at the man and sigh. "What do you want, Tyrone?" He smiles, "First time you called me by my first name."

I swear, my eyes would roll out of their sockets because of this guy.

"But I wanna ask you if you wanted to go out somewhere with me?" I look at him skeptically, chuckling softly.

"Why should I?" He looks around for a second then back at me. "I really like you and I wanna prove that I'm a nice guy. I ain't some other fuckboy," he says.

I raise an eyebrow at him, scoffing, "Nice try." He shakes his head, "No bullshit, I really do like you, Lauren. I'm sorry I approached you that way last time." I hum, unconvinced.

"Lemme prove it to you? There's this concert happening in Orlando...wanna go?" I chuckle a little, "Orlando?" He nods and I shake my head.

"We're not close enough for you to take me out of the city," he blows out a small breath, nodding. "You right," he takes a free seat beside me.

I was wondering why he was standing this whole time in the first place.

"How about you and me just chill on the beach? Maybe play some music? Come clutch with some weed? You could bring a friend or two," I raise an eyebrow thoughtfully.

"Sounds good," he smiles and so do I, but halfheartedly. "I'll think about it." He chuckles in excitement, "Cool. Can I have your number? Y'know, just in case?" I smile at him, "No." His smile drops instantly, looking genuinely confused.

It's funny to see this confident guy look so rejected.

"But I'll have yours," his smile returns and I flip to a clean page. He writes his number down, "I'll call you and let you know, okay?" He nods, about to stand up.

In the corner of my eye, Professor Y/LN is watching us. I glance at her and smirk at the angry look on her face. Hmm.

I turn back to Tyrone, who's about to go back to his original seat, and grab his hand. He looks back at me and I chew on my bottom lip. "Stay with me, I'm bored," I say.

He nods, licking his lips. I internally groan. Such a fuckboy.

For about 10 minutes, we flirted shamelessly. I even stole a few glances at our professor. She looks livid, but is trying to hide it.

Tyrone has been shooting some basic ass game, but I just pretended to like it. I knew from the first time he approached me that he just wants to get in my pants.

I can't talk since that's all I wanna do to Y/N. Though, I question it a little since I'm fucking with her mind without her knowing.

Soon after, she dismisses us. Tyrone and I stand; he tries to be a gentleman and grab my bag for me. I thanked him, taking it from him.

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